Pokemon Quest Power Stones Guide – How To Obtain, Using Power Stones

Power Stones are going to be quite useful as you tread farther and farther in Pokemon Quest. Power Stones are essentially going to help you level up in the game. To understand how they work and how you can use them, you can use this Pokemon Quest Power Stones Guide.

Our Pokemon Quest Power Stones Guide will tell you all about how Power Stones are useful and how can you get the most out of them when playing the game.

Pokemon Quest Power Stones

Essentially, Power Stones are going to be useful for upgrading and improving your Pokemon. You will need to find them and then equip them to boost your Pokemon by a fair bit. Let us go ahead and find out where most of these Power Stones will be found and how to quickly get them to your inventory.

Remember that there are different types of Power Stones such as the Mighty Stone that will help you attack targeted Pokemon better and the Sturdy Stone that will be better for improving the health of your Pokemon.

How to Find and Use Power Stones

Power Stones can be found by farming. Whenever you finish an expedition, you will get a few rewards to keep. The rewards that you get will usually have a new Power Stone for you.

Therefore, just keep on clearing the enemies that come at you and beat the final boss to get your hands on the new Power Stones. Once you have the stones, you can select the Pokemon that you want to apply the stone to and then slide the Power Stone to the slot.

Remember that the Power Stones can only go in their appropriate sockets. Mighty Stones will only go in their own sockets and not the ones that only utilize Sturdy Stones. Take a look at the stones to ensure that they are in their right place.

You will eventually be able to unlock more sockets for your Pokemon as you progress further and further and get more XP for your Pokemon. This will allow you to use more Sockets and get experience faster.

That is all we have for our Pokemon Quest Power Stones Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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