Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Mt Thunder Walkthrough

This guide contains the complete walkthrough of Mt Thunder dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX to help you take out the final boss

You are going to enter Mt Thunder in Mystery Dungeon DX for which you need some strategies and tactics in order to complete the dungeon and take out the boss. Below is the complete Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Mt Thunder Walkthrough which is going to help you in the game.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Mt Thunder

Firstly, there are a number of Pokemon that you are going to come across in Mt Thunder. These Pokemon include

  • Pidgeotto (Normal, Flying)
  • Nidoran♂ (Poison)
  • Growlithe (Fire)
  • Electabuzz (Electric)
  • Gligar (Ground, Flying)
  • Stantler (Normal)
  • Electrike (Electric)
  • Manectric (Electric)
  • Cacnea (Grass)

Now if you chose Cubone and Mudkip then you can easily progress in the dungeon as these can pass through the Electric-type Pokemon very smoothly. Beware of Stantlers as they can take down low DEF Pokemon very quickly.

You will be leaving your house which is going to trigger a cutscene.

Now you will have some time in which you are going to complete the rest of your jobs and then come back again for the main missions.

In order to choose Mt Thunder as your next area, you need to go to your base.

Once you are at Mt Thunder, climb it until you reach 11F and then access the Kangaskhan statue. While you are climbing Mt. Thunder, you are going to come across a lot of Electrikes.

These can help you in your battle so it is best to recruit some of them. They have a Lightning Rod ability which cancels the Electric damage.

The Kangaskhan Statue placed at the upper right corner. The statue can help you get rid of the unnecessary and unwanted items and give you more space for the new supplies.

Now rest and you have to prepare for your fight with Zapdos at 13F.

Zapdos is an Electric and Flying-type of Pokemon. This makes it weak against Ground, Rock, and Ice.

Zapdos uses the Sky attack which hit two columns at the same time and gives some pretty good amount of damage to numerous Pokemon at the same time.

The drawback of this move is that it takes some time to recharge which gives you some time to recover and reset your team.

If you rescued the Elektrike then it helps you in canceling Zapdos’ Thunder Shock. This gives you a major upper hand in winning the battle.

Electrike’s Lightning Rod ability suppresses Zapdos’ Thundershock as it buffs the Electrike’s Sp. Attack.

Zapdos has a passive ability, Pressure, which causes your Pokemon to consume more PP than usual. To overcome this, you need to bring more Pokemon so it doesn’t affect your game.

These are all the tips and information you need in order to complete Mt Thunder and take out Zapdos.