Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Frosty Forest Walkthrough

This walkthrough will cover everything you need to know about the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Frosty Forest dungeon including boss fight

This walkthrough will cover everything you need to know about the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Frosty Forest dungeon.

You will visit this location immediately after getting through Mt. Blaze. We will list every Pokemon in the area while providing some useful tips and strategies for proceeding. This includes the boss fight.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Frosty Forest

Snow Path
There is also an alternate path that you can visit instead of Frosty Forest. This optional dungeon is good chance for you to level up a bit and get items. Finishing Snow Path takes you back to the Kangaskhan Statue.

You should visit it soon because it gets locked out later on. Once this happens, you cannot enter it ever. So take advantage of this limited window of opportunity.

Frosty Forest has a total of nine floors. These will be filled with the following Pokemon.

Pokemon Type
Rhyhorn (Fire)
Ditto (Normal)
Furret (Normal)
Piloswine (Ground, Ice)
Mightyena (Dark)
Azurill (Normal, Fairy)
Nosepass (Rock)
Lairon (Steel, Rock)
Snorunt (Ice)
Metang (Steel, Psychic)

What Pokemon To Bring Along
The Frosty Forest Dungeon is filled with Ice-Types who have an edge over any Grass-Types that you may have on you. For that reason, we recommend bringing along some Fire-Types.

You should also try to avoid getting the freeze status inflicted on to you since this will prove to be troublesome going forward if you don’t have a cure for it.

Heart of the Frosty Forest
This location has 5 floors for you to explore. The 5th one has a boss fight in it. You will find a checkpoint between the Frosty Forest and its heart. You can rest here and switch items in preparation for the boss fight ahead.

Articuno Boss Fight
Fighting this Legendary Ice, Flying Pokemon is no easy task.  Articuno is one of the bird trio and it’s as quick as the other two. It can use Agility to land fast and effective hits. It will also hit you with Gust, Mist, and Powder Snow.

You should probably not attempt this fight until you’ve reached level 30. Bring lots of berries along to counter the effects of Freeze infliction and watch out for Powder Snow. That attack spreads across the area.

After defeating Articuno, you will proceed to Mt. Freeze.