Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Evolution Crystals Guide

Ensure you have enough resources and understand the system behind evolving with the help of our Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX evolution crystals guide

Things work a bit differently in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX when it comes to evolution in the game. Your Pokemon need to meet certain requirements prior to evolution as we will explain in this Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Evolution Crystals guide.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Evolution Crystals

As the name implies, Evolution crystals are crystals that help you to evolve your Pokemon.

Depending on the stage of evolution, a specific number of these crystals will be used to push your Pokemon to the next evolutionary stage. Usually, the number of required Crystals double after one evolution.

You can acquire evolution crystals in Mystery Dungeon DX by the following methods:

Dungeon Loot
Evolution Crystals can be found in dungeons; they are a bit rare, and thus you might want to spend them a bit wisely. Go through dungeons like the Northwind Field, Silver Trench and Joyous Tower to find these crystals.

Kecleon Shops
These crystals can also be found in Kecleon Shops found within dungeons. They are a bit expensive; but it’s worth it to buy as many of these as you can; they cost 1000G each.

I would recommend you bring a bank orb whilst carrying 1000G in a dangerous dungeon; so make sure to be extremely cautious and bank away if you feel like you’re in any sort of danger.

Pokemon Evolutions
You might be wondering, is it worth it to grind for these crystals?

Well, considering you are getting a permanent stat boosts for your Pokemon in its respective evolved state; I’d say hell yeah.

Your already built strong roster can become even stronger after their evolutions.

Let’s not forget the fact that certain Pokemons in their final evolutions can also be evolved to their Mega Evolution; giving them an extreme edge in the battle against their opponents.

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