Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Tips – Become the Magikarp Master, Best Tips and Tricks

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Tips to help you train your beloved Magikarp become the best jumper across all available leagues. As simple as the Magikarp Jump may appear, there are some advanced concepts that you need to familiarize yourself with – if you wish to become better at the game. This Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Guide focuses on some legitimate cheats and hacks that you can use to become the best jumper among your friends.

Magikarp Jump pits you in the shoes of an ambitious Pokemon trainer who must catch, train, and compete their Magikarp to become the best jumper. There are different league to compete into and some other Pokemon to help you grow.

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Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Tips

In our Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Tips Guide, we have detailed some of the best cheats and hacks to help you become the best jumper across all 8 leagues.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Tips

Upgrade the Sandbag Slam

Initially, spend 4 coins to increase the Sandbag Slam regiment by 20 JP. Once done, spend an additional 17 coins to increase the amount of JP acquired from 35 to 115 – making it almost equivalent to the Jump Counter.

Utilize all Training Points

It is a good idea to spend all your Training Points whenever you have the opportunity. As your Training Rank increases, the Training Points replenish. Therefore, if you are already at max, you will receive no benefit.

Be an Achievement Hunter!

It is a good idea to complete Achievements in order to earn additional candy, coins, and diamonds. Each Achievement in the game has 5 levels so try to hunt the ones that are easier to obtain.

Unlock Support Pokemon

Early on in the game, you will unlock Pikachu who will introduce you to Support Pokemon. After a certain duration of time, these Support Pokemon will help you grow your Magikarp. Therefore, try to build up your Support Pokemon by earning Friendship Items by winning leagues or by simply purchasing them using Diamonds.

Customize the Pond

Complete the Friendship League in order to unlock the first decoration. Once unlocked, try to decorate your pond with it to increase the max food by +1. In addition to this, I also recommend purchasing additional decorative items from the Diamond Shop for added benefits.

Special Events are High Risk, High Reward

It is important to realize that the game’s special events involve high risk, high reward. The special events in the game lets you put your Magikarp at a great risk in the hope of a special reward. Therefore, if you have a high-level Magikarp at your disposal, consider backing away.

Understanding Currency

If you do not understand the currency that you have, you cannot spend it in an effective manner. In Magikarp Jump, there are different types of currencies available. First, we have coins that you need to purchase food and training types. You earn coins by participating in jump battles, completing Achievements, etc. Second, we have Support Candies that you need to increase the rank of your Support Pokemon. You earn Support Candies by winning leagues.

Finally, there are Diamonds that are hard to come by. You need Diamonds to purchase specialty items like Decorations. You earn Diamonds by simply playing the game but you can also purchase them using real-life money.

Diamonds are Hard to Come by

Since Diamonds are hard to come by, try to prioritize the items that you want! While the decorations are cheaper as compared to the Friendship Items, the latter ones are more helpful.

Keep an Eye out on Unlocked Items

Each time you increase your Trainer Rank, try to check the Shop to see and purchase what you have unlocked. There is no point in beating around the bush, therefore, try to purchase the newly unlocked items as soon as possible.

Individual Bonuses

Each Magikarp in the game has individual bonuses that you need to capitalize on. It is generally a good idea to check your Magikarp’s individual bonuses and get a good understanding of growing them. For instance, if a Magikarp acquired more JP from the food it eats, try to invest in items that further boost this bonus.

This is all we have in our Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Tips Guide. Let us know if you have something to add to the guide!

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