Pokemon Let’s Go Silph Co. Building Guide – How to Defeat Team Rocket

Our Pokemon Let's Go Silph Co. Building Guide tell you how to go to the Silph Co HQ and take out all of the hostile Team Rocket members to free the city.

Once you arrive in Saffron City, you will notice that the entire city has sort of been shut down by Team Rocket. Our Pokemon Let’s Go Silph Co. Building Guide will tell you how to take down Team Rocket in order to free the city and be able to utilize all of the facilities that are available there.

Pokemon Let’s Go Silph Co.

Once you arrive at Saffron City, you will notice that the entire city is under the control of Team Rocket. In order to be able to free the city, you need to go to the Silph Co Headquarters where Team Rocket is stationed and take them all out so that the city can be free again.

Silph Co building is located if you head to the street right above the Pokemon Center. You will get to meet Jessie and James from Team Rocket when you are close to the building. They will be trying to force themselves into the building. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what you need to do once you are inside the building.

Silph Co. Building

Once you are inside the building, you come up against your rival at the beginning along with Blue. Blue has a Level 38 Exeggutor and a Level 40 Charizard that you need to beat. Once they are defeated, use the staircase or the elevator to head up above.

You will come up against a fair number of members that you can simply avoid fighting. If you want to fight the members, then go ahead and take them on. However, you can simply skip through all of the trouble and move on to the 5th floor.

At the 5th floor, you will come upon a team battle with your rival against Grunt and Archer from Team Rocket. The fight is quite long but you can grab the keycard from Grunt once she is running away so that you can open the security doors. Make sure to get Lapras as soon as you get the keycard.

Once you have the card, go to the 3rd floor and open the door. Take the first teleporter and then keep on going through the doors to defeat a grunt and find a Nurse. You can use this nurse to heal your Pokemon if you wish. The teleporter takes you to a fight with Archer along with your Rival. The rival is the one who actually fights Archer so you can take the teleporter to fight Jessie and James.

Jessie and James have Arbok along with Weezing, both of which are Level 36. Use your first 2 Pokemon and defeat them before continuing down the hallway into the final room. Here, you will have to battle Giovanni who is using Persian, Rhyhorn, and Nidoqueen.

Once you defeat Giovanni, you will be rewarded with a Master Ball which can be used to catch any Pokemon with 0 chance of a miss. Once the leader has been defeated, the entrance to the gym will open and the city will be free from Team Rocket. You can then explore the building if you wish.

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