Pokemon Let’s Go Nature Guide

Whenever you capture a Pokemon, it gets a nature assigned to it. These natures are then used to differentiate individual...

Whenever you capture a Pokemon, it gets a nature assigned to it. These natures are then used to differentiate individual Pokemon from one another. They are a little difficult to understand at first, so our Pokemon Let’s Go Nature Chart will take you through each of the natures in the game to help you get a better understanding of the system.

Pokemon Let’s Go Nature Chart

Natures are used to make sure that Pokemon in the game have individual identities, meaning that a Pidgeot that you have might be slightly different from the Pidgeot that your enemy has.

Basically, the system gives each Pokemon a nature that makes it gain 10% in one stat and lose 10% in another stat. This stat can then be used to help your Pokemon become better at what they do best.

The base stat in red is the one that is increased and the one in blue is decreased. You can use this to increase the stat that is already boosted by nature and shun the one that is decreased to have a specialized Pokemon.

In many cases, you might want to catch another version of the Pokemon because the nature of a Pokemon plays against its strengths.

If your Pokemon uses Special Attack and Speed during combat, increasing attack may not be a good idea.

As such, you can go for a Modest or a Timid nature version of that Pokemon and if you manage to find it, then you can have a Pokemon that is stronger than its stats look.

Nature Stats

Here are all the natures along with the stats they increase and decrease. 5 natures have effects that balance each other out.


Nature Stat Increase 10% Stat Decrease 10% Flavor Liked Flavor Hated
Adamant Attack Special Attack Spicy Dry
Bashful N/A N/A N/A N/A
Bold Defense Attack Sour Spicy
Brave Attack Speed Spicy Sweet
Calm Special Defense Attack Bitter Spicy
Careful Special Defense Special Attack Bitter Dry
Docile N/A N/A N/A N/A
Gentle Special Defense Defense Bitter Sour
Hardy N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hasty Speed Defense Sweet Sour
Impish Defense Special Attack Sour Dry
Jolly Speed Special Attack Sweet Dry
Lax Defense Special Defense Sour Bitter
Lonely Attack Defense Spicy Sour
Mild Special Attack Defense Dry Sour
Modest Special Attack Attack Dry Spicy
Naive Speed Special Defense Sweet Bitter
Naughty Attack Special Defense Spicy Bitter
Quiet Special Attack Speed Dry Sweet
Quirky N/A N/A N/A N/A
Rash Special Attack Special Defense Dry Bitter
Relaxed Defense Speed Sour Sweet
Sassy Special Defense Speed Bitter Sweet
Serious N/A N/A N/A N/A
Timid Speed Attack Sweet Spicy


Fortune Teller Natures

You can go to the Fortune Teller to get a preferred nature for a total of 1 day. She can be found if you head to the Pokemon Center in Celadon City.

She is unlocked after a while but once you have access to her, you can pay a total of 10000 Pokedollars to get a better fortune for 1 day. Enter the Pokemon medical center and then head to the left side to find her leaned against the wall with her Abra.

She will ask you to water one plant and thin one plant. The plants that you select will determine which nature of Pokemon you get for the next 24 hours.

Choosing a red flower to water and the blue flower to thin will get you the Adamant nature when you capture Pokemon in the wild. Let’s go ahead and take a look at all of the possible options and which nature they get you.


Water Thin Nature You Get
Blue Red Modest
Blue Yellow Mild
Blue Blue Bashful
Blue Green Rash
Blue Pink Quiet
Green Red Calm
Green Yellow Gentle
Green Blue Careful
Green Green Quirky
Green Pink Sassy
Pink Red Timid
Pink Yellow Hasty
Pink Blue Jolly
Pink Green Naive
Pink Pink Serious
Red Red Hardy
Red Yellow Lonely
Red Blue Adamant
Red Green Naughty
Red Pink Brave
Yellow Red Bold
Yellow Yellow Docile
Yellow Blue Impish
Yellow Green Lax
Yellow Pink Relaxed


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