Pokemon Let’s Go Elite Four and Rival Champion Guide – Moves, Weaknesses, How to Defeat

In our Pokemon Let's Go Elite Four Guide, we have detailed all about finding and battling the Elite Four, their Pokemon, and tips to defeat them.

Elite Four are the ones that you come up against in the latter stages of the game. These enemies are fairly hard to beat and the road to get to them is hard enough in its own right. Our Pokemon Let’s Go Elite Four Guide will give you as much information about the Elite Four as is available so that you know what to expect when you head into the Pokemon League.

Pokemon Let’s Go Elite Four

There are four people that you need to beat (quite obvious!). In order to get to the Elite Four, the process is quite similar to how it was in the classic Pokemon games. There are a total of 8 Pokemon Gyms who you need to go through and collect 8 Gym Badges from.

Once you have the 8 badges, you can go and take on the Elite Four.

Let us go ahead and look at all of the Pokemon that people in the Elite Four have. Remember that once you defeat them, you can come back and face them again, but they will have better Pokemon and will be a tougher challenge than they were before.

1. Lorelei

Pokemon Type Moves Weakness Resistance
Dewgong (Level 51) Ice, Water Aqua Jet, Ice Shard, Waterfall Grass, Electricity, Fighting, Rock Water, Ice
Jynx (Level 51) Ice, Psychic Lovely Kiss, Blizzard, Psychic Rock, Steel, Bug, Ghost, Fire, Dark Ice, Psychic
Cloyster (Level 51) Ice, Water Ice Beam, Spike Cannon, Hydro Pump Grass, Electricity, Fighting, Rock Ice, Water
Slowbro (Level 51) Water, Psychic Psychic, Surf, Flamethrower Grass, Electric, Bug, Dark, Ghost Psychic, Fighting, Ice, Water, Steel, Fire
Lapras (Level 52) Ice, Water Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Dragon Pulse Grass, Electric, Fighting, Rock Ice, Water

2. Bruno

Pokemon Type Moves Weakness Resistance
Onix (Level52) Rock, Ground Iron tail, Stealth Rock, Earthquake Fighting, Ground, Steel, Ice, Water, Grass Normal, Fighting, Fire, Rock, Poison, Electricity
Hitmonlee (level 52) Fighting Brick Break, Feint, Rock Slide Flying, Psychic, Fairy Rock, Bug, Dark
Hitmonchan (Level 52) Fighting Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch Flying, Psychic, Fairy Rock, Bug, Dark
Poliwrath (Level 52) Fighting, Water Superpower, Waterfall, Body Slam Grass, Electric, Flying, Psychic, Fury Steel, Fire, Water, Ice, Rock, Bug, Dark
Machamp (Level 53) Fighting Earthquake, Superpower, Rock Slide Flying, Psychic, Fairy Rock, Bug, Dark

3. Agatha

Pokemon Type Moves Weakness Resistance
Arbok (Level 53) Poison Glare, Crunch, Poison Jab Ground, Psychic Fighting, Poison, Bug, Grass, Fairy
Gengar (Level 53) Poison, Ghost Will-O-Wisp, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball Ghost, Dark, Psychic, Ground Grass, Fairy, Bug, Poison, Normal, Fighting
Golbat (Level 53) Poison, Flying Air Slash, Crunch, Quick Attack Psychic, Rock, Electricity, Ice Poison, Fairy, Fighting, Bug, Grass, Ground
Weezing (Level 53) Poison Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt Ground, Psychic Grass, Fairy, Bug, Poison, Normal, Fighting
Gengar (Level 53) Poison, Ghost Dazzling Gleam, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball Ghost, Ground, Psychic, Dark Grass, Fairy, Bug, Poison, Normal, Fighting

4. Lance

Pokemon Type Moves Weakness Resistance
Seadra (Level 54) Water Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, Hyper Beam Grass, Electricity Steel, Water, Fire, Ice
Aerodactyl (Level 54) Flying, Rock Rock Slide, Hyper Beam, Earthquake Steel, Electricity, ice, Rock, Water Normal, Poison, Fire, bug, Flying, Ground
Gyrados (Level 54) Flying, Water Waterfall, iron tail, Hyper Beam Electricity, Rock Steel, Water, Fire, Fighting, Bug, Ground
Charizard (Level 54) Flying, Fire Air Slash, Dragon Pulse, Hyper Beam Water, Electricity, Rock Steel, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Bug, Grass, Ground
Dragonite Flying, Dragon Outrage, Fire Punch, Hyper Beam Dragon, Rock, Fairy, Ice Fire, Water, Fighting, Bug, Grass, Ground


Pokemon Moves Weaknesses
Pigeot (Level 56) Quick Attack, Air Slash, Heat Wave Ice, Electricity, Rock
Vileplume (Level 56) Solarbeam, Reflect, Sludge Bomb Fire, Ice, Flying, Psychic
Marowak (Level 56) Fire Punch, Brick Break, Bonemerang Water, Grass, Ice
Rapidash (Level 56) Flare Blitz, Quick Attack, Poison Jab Water, Ground, Rock
Slowbro (Level 56) Confusion, Surf, Light Screen Electricity, Grass, Bug, Ghost, Dark
Jolteon (Level 57) (Let’s Go Pikachu) Thunder, Quick Attack, Pin Missile Ground
Raichu (Level 57) (Let’s Go Eevee) Thunder, Quick Attack, Iron Tail Ground

As you can see, the lineup of the Pokemon above is quite diverse. For that reason, you need to have certain types of Pokemon which are versatile enough to deal with them. It is best to have Lapras with you since it can take down 4 of the Rival’s Pokemon using its attacks.

You should also have Grass Pokemon with you such as Venusaur. Venusaur has attacks which will deal tons of damage to both Slowbro and Marowak. Combine that with Jolteon which is great against both Slowbro and Pidgeot, and you will be able to beat your rival without much effort.

The partner Pokemon that your rival has can be defeated with ground type Pokemon. The best options that you have are Tauros, Snorlax, and Dugrio. Dugrio has good speed whereas Snorlax has Earthquake which also does damage to electric Pokemon. Snorlax also has high HP which means it will be able to take a beating from the enemy before it dies.

Elite Four Rematches

Once you have defeated everyone, you will be able to replay them in order to get more rewards and continue on your quest to catch them all. Let us go ahead and look at how the next few battles will be different.

First, all of the Pokemon that the Elite Four had will now have a level that is 10 higher than it was in the original matches. That means that if you faced off against a level 56 Pokemon, that Pokemon will now be Level 66.

On top of that, the Elite Four will now have Alolan versions of their Pokemon. These Pokemon have different stats than their standard counterparts so you should check out their stats before you fight them.

Now that you know how the Pokemon will be different, let us go ahead and look at how you can defeat the Elite Four once you face them off in the endgame.

If you want to be able to defeat the new and improved version of Loralei’s Pokemon, you will need to level up your Grass and Electric Pokemon.

Almost all of her Pokemon are weak against this type so it is best if you level up these Pokemon as much as you can before you head into the battle.

Not only that, but you will also use Ghost-type moves on Jynx since that is the only Pokemon that cannot be affected by the 2 aforementioned types.

It is good to have a Pokemon in your party that is specifically made to take on Jynx, as you will be able to take it down easily.

Lastly, when you see Alola Sandslash, you will probably be better off if you end up using a Fire or a Fighting Pokemon as this version of the Sandslash takes 4 times the normal damage from them.

Next up in your Elite Four rematches is Bruno.

Bruno has Fighting-type Pokemon for the most part, so it is best if you level up your Water and Psychic Pokemon for the most part. If you manage to level up these Pokemon specifically, you will be able to beat Bruno.

As for the Alolan version of the Golem, it is best to have a ground type Pokemon since it will deal 4 times the normal damage to the Golem. Use these Pokemon and you will have defeated Bruno in no time.

Agatha can be defeated if you use Psychic and Ground-type moves on her Pokemon since the majority of her Pokemon are a Ghost-type.

She does have the Alolan version of the Marowak, so you can use your Ghost, Ground, Dark, and Water-type Pokemon to take care of it easily.

Lance is the last member of the Elite Four and you will be able to advance to the next stage if you are able to defeat him. In order to beat Lance, you are going to need Electric and Ice-type moves on your Pokemon.

Level up these moves as much as you can so that you can take care of the majority of Lance’s Pokemon.

Remember that his Charizard will evolve into Mega Charizard X. For him, you are going to need a Rock Pokemon of sufficient level. Otherwise, the new Charizard is powerful enough to deal massive damage to multiple Pokemon.

Lastly, you can defeat the Alolan Exeggutor with Ice moves since Exeggutor is very weak against them. Ice moves will deal 4x the normal damage to the Alolan Exeggutor.

At last, you arrive at the penultimate fight with your rival. He has Pokemon of all types so it is best if you also diversify your Pokemon as much as possible. Not only that, his Pidgeot will have the ability to Mega Evolve that will make it extremely agile.

In order to combat it, you will need to have a Pokemon with a lot of HP so that you are able to tank the damage and eventually take it down.

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