Pokemon Let’s Go Candies Guide – How to Get, Candy Types, Candy Drops

Our Pokemon Let's Go Candies Guide will guide you through the entire process of getting and using candies while playing the game.

Candies are very important in Pokemon Let’s Go as it can allow you to get various different bonuses. You need to ensure that you have a good supply of these candies and you need to be aware of what they can do for you and your Pokemon. Our Pokemon Let’s Go Candies Guide will help you with all of that.

How to Get Pokemon Let’s Go Candies

Vitamins are not available for Pokemon anymore but Candies are here to help you. The candies are the same in both games and integrate themselves with various different mechanics of the game rather than just be a common power-up that you can consume.

The candies can be found either by getting certain types of Pokemon or by sending all of the extra Pokemon that you have back to Professor Oak to get some candies as a reward for your labor. We will be looking at the specific Pokemon and the candies that they drop later on in this guide.

All of the candies that you do find or are given as a reward can be collected in the Candy Jar that is in your bag. You can see the stats of your party when you open the candy jar. Make sure you only use the candies on the Pokemon who actually need the power up, or you could end up wasting a fair share of these valuable resources.

Candy Types

There are three different types of candies that can be selected in the game. The first one is the Rare Candy that can be used to instantly raise the level of your Pokemon by one. These candies are quite hard to find as their name suggests and they are spread about all through Kanto.

Species-specific candies are the ones you can find in this game (which are named after their species). These candies can then be given to those species and they will increase all of the stats of that specific species by a value of 1.

Lastly, we have the standard candies that can be fed to any Pokemon that you wish. This is the candy that is found in abundance and will be given to you by Professor Oak. The candy increases a single stat of a Pokemon by 1 and you can decide which stat you want to raise depending on the type of candy that you use.

Candy Sizes
The Candies also come in different sizes. Regular Candies can be given to any Pokemon but the number of candies required for a level change by varies. Large Candies are reserved for Pokemon that are Level 30 or higher whereas the XL Candies are only given to Pokemon which are of Level 60 or higher.

There are also various different candies that vary according to the stat that they increase. Let us go ahead and take a look at them:

Candy Drops

In this section of the guide, we have detailed different types of Candies in Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu. Apart from that, we have also detailed how to get these Candies in the game.

Health Candy
This candy increases your HP stat by 1. The candy is dropped by Jigglypuff and Caterpie.

Mighty Candy
This candy increases your attack stat by 1. Find this candy on Growlithe.

Tough Candy
Use this candy to increase your Defense stat by 1. The candy is found on Graveler.

Courage Candy
This candy can be used to increase your Special Defense stat by 1. Drowzee has this candy on him.

Smart Candy
Your Special Attack stat increases by 1 due to this candy. The candy can be found on either an Oodish or a Magnemite.

Quick Candy
This candy increases your speed by 1. Find this candy on a Raticate or on a Pikachu.

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