Pokemon Legends Arceus Wurmple Location, How to Evolve, Type and Abilities

In this guide, we have explained where to fnd Wurmple in Pokemon Legends Arceus as well as details on it abilities and evolution.

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, there are some side quests given out by NPC in which you will have to perform certain tasks like catching a specific Pokemon, etc. One of these side quests will ask you to find a Wurmple in the wild and catch it. In this guide, we have explained where to find Wurmple in Pokemon Legends Arceus to complete your Pokedex.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Wurmple Location

The side quest to find and catch Wurmple will be given to you by Beauregard, who can be found in the center of the Jubilife City. In Pokemon Legends Arceus, Wurmple can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands, located west of Horseshoe Plains and north-east of Aspiration Hill POI.

We have a map screenshot below of the location where Wurmple can be found for your ease.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Wurmple Location

How to catch Wurmple

If you want to catch Wurmple, head to the Obsidian Fieldlands to find it in the wild. Once you spot a Wurmple, use a Poke Ball to catch it. Wurmple is a low-level Pokemon so you will be okay with using a basic Poke ball on it.

Base Stats

Wurmple has the following stats in Pokemon Legends

  • HP: 45
  • Attack: 45
  • Defense: 35
  • Special Attack: 20
  • Special Defense: 30
  • Speed: 20
  • Total Points: 195

Wurmple Abilities

Wurmple has the following abilities in PLA

Shield Dust: This ability blocks the additional effects of enemy attacks.

Run Away: It allows it to run away from the Battle.

Continuing to level up your Wurmple will also teach it the following moves

  • Poison Sting
  • Tackle

How to Evolve Wurmple in PLA

In Pokemon Arceus, Wurmple has two evolution lines, which are random and based on the personality of Pokemon. We have listed Wurmple’s Evolutions below.

  • Wurmple evolves to Silcoon at Level 7, which evolves into Beautifly at level 10.
  • Wurmple evolves to Cascoon at Level 7, which evolves into Dustox at level 10.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As Wurmple is a Bug-type Pokemon, it is strong against Ground, Grass, and Fighting-type Pokemon. On the other hand, Wurmple is weak against Flying, Fire, and Rock-type Pokemon.

Wurmple is strong against the following Pokemon.

  • Garchomp (Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon)
  • Shaymin (Land and Grass-type Pokemon)
  • Ursaluna (Normal and Ground-type Pokemon)
  • Mamoswine (Ice and Ground-type Pokemon)

Below we have listed some Pokemon against which Wurmple is weak.

  • Heatran (Steel and Fire Type Pokemon)
  • Tornadus (Flying Type Pokemon)
  • Thundurus (Electric and Flying Type Pokemon)
  • Enamorus (Fairy and Flying Type Pokemon)

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