Pokemon Legends Arceus The Trial of Lake Verity Walkthrough

The Trial of Lake Verity is a main mission in Pokemon Legends Arceus that sees you encountering the legendary lake Pokemon Mespirit and in this Pokemon Legends Arceus The Trial of Lake Verity walkthrough, we will take you through the entire quest!

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Trial of Lake Verity

To complete this mission firstly you have to travel to Lake Verity in the Obsidian Fieldlands. The location of Lake Verity can also be seen on the map below.

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Trial of Lake Verity

Verity Lake is located on the west side of Obsidian Fieldlands and you need to get to the center. Depending on the choice you made to help you with these trails, you will meet Volvo and either Irida or Adaman.

Here you will come to know that the Lake is guarded by a Pokemon called Mesprit. Once your conversation with them is over the Arc phone will go off and cavern will start to open so you can go inside it.

Battle the Pokemon inside the Verity Cavern

After entering the cave you will notice that there is an Alpha Doodra. You have to battle with this Pokemon.

How to Battle Against Alpha Goodra

To defeat Alpha Goodra, you can use Pokemon that have strong Ground Type moves since Alpha Goodra’s type is Steel/Dragon.

Don’t bring in Pokemon who are Poison or Grass-type since it is immune against them and wouldn’t take much damage from them. Once you defeat that Pokemon, Mesprit will appear in front of you.

Complete Mesprit’s trial in Verity Cavern

After Alpha Goodra is defeated Mesprit will appear and you have to share your emotions. Mesprit will have questions which are given below.

  1. When you fell to this land, what stirred in your heart?
  2. How did it feel to bond with Pokemon and work together?
  3. What did you feel when you mingled with Hisui’s clans?
  4. What did you feel when cast out of the Galaxy Team?

It doesn’t matter which answer you give to its question it will still give you the Mesprit’s plume that you need to make the Red Chain. After Mesprit disappears you can get back to Mistress Cogita.

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