Pokemon Legends Arceus The Trial of Lake Valor Walkthrough

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the fifteenth Main Mission is The Trial of Lake Valor and in this Pokemon Legends Arceus The Trial of Lake Valor walkthrough, we will tell you each and everything related to this mission. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Trial of Lake Valor

Like all the other Lake Trials in Pokemon Legends Arceus, “The Trial of Lake Valor” requires you to go to a cavern in the middle of a lake and encounter a legendary lake spirit; In this case, Azelf.

Head to Lake Valor

For the Trial of Lake Valor mission, you will need to go to Valor Cavern which is in the Crimson Mirelands. Valor Cavern will be in the middle of Lake Valor.

Go to the small piece of land in the middle of Lake Valor and talk to Volo there. A cut-scene will get triggered in which Volo will tell you that Azelf is protecting Lake Valor. After that, your Arc Phone will beep and that will reveal the Valor Cavern.

Fight with Overqwill

You will trigger another cut-scene by entering the cave. A Pokemon will be lurking in the Cavern, Alpha Overqwil. After the cut-scene, trigger the battle with Alpha Overqwill.

Alpha Overqwill is a Dark and Poison-type Pokemon that is vulnerable against attacks like Ghost, Fighting, Fairy and Steel.

Throw Marsh Balms at Azelf

After the battle, Azelf will appear and will test your unyielding will. Azelf will provide you Marsh Balms and you are supposed to hit Azelf with those Balms.

Throw Marsh Balms at Azelf, but you’ll realize you won’t be able to hit him. After your third try, Azelf will ask whether you want to quit or continue throwing Balms at him. Choose “I’m not through yet” and continue throwing balms at Azelf.

Azelf will ask you this after every three throws. Choose “I’m not through yet” every time. After the third time, Azelf will let you hit him with the Marsh Balm and that will trigger a cut-scene in which you will receive Azelf’s Fang.

Azelf’s Fang will be the proof that you have completed the trial set by Azelf. Azelf’s Fang is required to forge the Red Chain.

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