Pokemon Legends Arceus The Darksome Nightmare Request Guide

The following guide discusses how to get Darkrai during The Darksome Nightmare Request in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Be prepared to...

The following guide discusses how to get Darkrai during The Darksome Nightmare Request in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Be prepared to rake in several useful tips, including the rewards and which Pokemon to best use to complete the request.

How to Unlock the Darksome Nightmare Request in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Players first need to reach Jubilift Village to unlock The Darksome Nightmare Request in PLA. You can unlock this request by going to the marked location on the map below

There are two requirements that one must fulfill to be able to unlock this request.

  • You need to complete the main story of the game.
  • You need to load Pokemon Legends Arceus on the same account which carries data from the saved files on Nintendo Switch from either Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl. Players should save the files in advance and start the game on the same account.

Here is some useful information that you need to know about this request.

  • Ask Cael of Pearl Clan about the threatening Pokemon and survey it.
  • The recommended Rank for this request is 8.
  • The reward for completing this request is x1 Exp. Candy XL.

Make your way towards Galaxy Hall which can be found in Professor Laventon’s Lab. Here, accept the request by going to the blackboard.

Once you unlock the request, talk to Cael. Cael will assign you a task to find Darkrai, the threatening Pokemon. Move northwards from Lonely Spring to reach Clamber Claw Cliffs in Coronet Highlands to find Darkrai.

Once you reach the location, fight and defeat Darkrai to capture this Pokemon and also to complete the request.

Where to Find Darkrai

Players can find Darkrai by going to Clamberclaw cliffs located close to Coronet Highlands. Make sure that you reach there at nighttime, as Darkrai only appears at night.

If you reach the location before the night appears, you can rest and wait at the nearby camp. Here is a map image showing exact location of Darkrai.

How to Catch Darkrai in PLA

As soon as you reach the location where you encounter Darkrai, a cutscene will play immediately. Make sure you make it more vulnerable right at the beginning as this will increase the chances of your success against this threatening Pokemon.

Darkrai will start moving around the whole area. You need to follow Darkrai as it will appear immediately at the next point. You will notice a whirlpool (purple in color), so it will help you to follow Darkrai.

Throw a Pokeball that contains your partner Pokemon at the Darkrai. Make sure you do it immediately, as it can move away again.

You should choose the Pokemon according to the moveset of Darkrai which includes Psychic, Ghost, and Dark-type Special Moves. Pokemon that can best counter these moves are Snorlax and Dialga in original form.

If Darkrai disappears by any mistake of yours or accidentally, then it will come back at the same spot i.e., Clamberlaw Cliffs at Coronet Highlands.

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