How to Evolve Rufflet Pokemon Legends Arceus

This guide will help you locate, capture and evolve Rufflet in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Rufflet returns to Pokemon Legends Arceus and has an all-new Hisuian Evolution! This guide will help you locate, capture and evolve Rufflet in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Where to Find Rufflet in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Rufflet is a Normal and Flying-type pokemon in PLA and a great addition to your roster!

Rufflet is commonly found in Alabaster Icelands, around the areas of Lake Acuity and Heart’s Crag. Rufflet is not time-specific and can be found at any time, of course, this also depends on your luck.

The Alpha Rufflet also has a chance to appear in Alabaster Icelands. Alpha Rufflet can be found at the following locations:

  • East of Lake Acuity
  • Heart’s Crag
  • Snowpoint Temple


Alpha Rufflet has no guarantee of appearing at all these locations, so check all of these areas and if you don’t find it, simply reset the spawns by resting in Jubilife Village.

Rufflets in the wild are around level 66 or level 54.

How to Capture Rufflet

For Rufflet there is no special technique. You need to battle the Rufflet to weaken it and then capture it.

The only thing to lookout for is Rufflet’s Brave Bird move, that deals recoil damage to Rufflet for its every move. This means that Rufflet has a chance of knocking itself out in a fight. Just keep an eye so your efforts aren’t wasted.

How to Evolve Rufflet

Rufflet evolves into Hisuian Braviary at level 54. You do not require anything special to evolve Rufflet, like Basculin and Stantler. Once your Rufflet is Level 54, you can go to your inventory to evolve it.

Raising a pokemon to Level 54 is quite a significant task, but thankfully any Rufflet in the wild will be level 54, allowing you to easily evolve it.

After players find and catch a Rufflet for their own, they simply need to go into their party and evolve it like they would any other Pokemon. Thankfully, Rufflet is one of the easier Pokémon to evolve into its Hisuian form.

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