How to Change Rotom’s Form Using Mechanical Items in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Transforming a Rotom isn’t new to Pokemon. In this guide, we’ll be explaining how to transform your Rotom in Pokemon Legends Arceus using mechanical items.

How to Change Rotoms Form using Mechanical Items in Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you’ve been playing Pokemon BDSP, you’ll be aware that Rotom is an electric type Pokemon that is capable of changing its form. Rotom has indeed made a return in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and so has its ability to transform.

Since Pokemon Legends Arceus has introduced a lot of new peculiar game mechanics that have never been witnessed before, the process of transforming Rotom is slightly different here.

You’ll still be transforming Rotom using one of many electronics, but finding those electronics is different.

What Mechanical Items are Available in PLA

There are five different kinds of mechanical items available in Pokemon Legends: Arceus:

  • Box
  • Cabinet
  • Tub
  • Pinwheel
  • Circular Saw

All five of these mechanical items replicate an electrical item. The mechanical box refers to a microwave, mechanical cabinet refers to a fridge, mechanical tub refers to a washing machine, mechanical pinwheel refers to an air fan, mechanical circular saw refers to a lawnmower.

How to Get Mechanical Items

Ginter sells these mechanical items from the Ginkgo Guild store. Their store is located in the Jubilife village near your home.

The store is known for selling the rarest items, and they have a new item every day. Therefore, you’ll be surprised what you might find every time you step into the store. Chances are you might not find any mechanical item on a given day.

If you do happen to find a mechanical item, it’ll empty your pockets. The cheapest mechanical item you can find is a mechanical box, and it costs $10,000. The most expensive mechanical item is the mechanical circular saw worth $40,000.

If you’re spending that much on a goodie, you deserve a home delivery, and folks at Ginkgo Guild are kind enough to offer you one. It’s the only choice that you have.

Once the item has been bought, it’ll be delivered to your home and placed exactly where it belongs. Mechanical items not only transform Rotom, but they also add aesthetics to your living room!

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at what each mechanical item does to your Rotom.

Mechanical Box

A mechanical box is a microwave appliance that can be bought for $10,000. It transforms Rotom into a Heat Rotom, making it an electric and fire-type Pokemon. This will unlock the Overheat move.

Mechanical Cabinet

A mechanical cabinet is a refrigerator appliance that can be bought for $20,000. It transforms Rotom into Frost Rotom, making it an electric and ice-type Pokemon. This will unlock the Blizzard move.

Mechanical Tub

The mechanical tub is a washing machine appliance that can be bought for $20,000. It transforms Rotom into Wash Rotom, making it an electric and water-type Pokemon. This will unlock the Hydro Pump move.

Mechanical Pinwheel

Mechanical pinwheel is an air fan appliance that transforms Rotom into Fan Rotom, making it an electric and flying type Pokemon. This unlocks the Air Slash move.

Mechanical Circular Saw

A mechanical circular saw is a lawnmower appliance that can be bought for $40,000. It transforms Rotom into Mow Rotom, making it an electric and grass-type Pokemon. This unlocks the Leaf Storm move.

How to Transform Rotom

Transforming Rotom is an easy process, given that you’re in luck while visiting Ginkgo Guild and have some cash in your pocket.

The transformation can begin when you’ve bought a mechanical item, and it has been delivered to your home. You can then include Rotom into your party and interact with the newly delivered mechanical item.

If you’re still struggling to find Rotom, you’ll find them at Coronet Highlands, south of Sacred Plaza.

Depending on what appliance it is, Rotom will then transform itself with your permission.

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