How Agile and Strong Move Styles Work in Pokemon Legends Arceus

This guide will explain to you how to unlock and how the Agile and Strong Style Moves work in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus introduces the new concept of move styles that effect how your Pokemon pulls off their learned moves. This guide will explain to you how Agile and Strong Style Moves work in Pokemon Legends Arceus as well as how to unlock them and how to use them.

The basic concept of move styles in Pokemon Legends Arceus is that your Pokemon can alter the hit of their moves for different affects depending on the style. This opens up new battle strategies depending on what style of move you choose to use.

How to get Agile and Strong Move Styles in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The feature for using Agile and Strong Styles is unlocked by default. There are no additional steps that you need to follow that will allow your Pokemon to access Agile and Strong Styles.

In fact, you will be informed of these styles right after your fight against Akari/Rei in training grounds. After the battle, Captain Zisu will introduce herself and introduce the concept of mastering moves and using styles.

Basically, to unlock the Agile and Strong Styles for any move, all you need to do is Master that move for your Pokemon.

How to Master Moves

To unlock Strong and Agile Styles, your Pokemon needs to master the moves for which you will be using the styles. This can be done naturally by using the moves in battles and leveling up your Pokemon. This also greatly depends on how your Pokemon learns moves. When you master any move, you will get a notification informing you.

You can also talk to Captain Zisu at the training ground. You can give her a Seed of Mastery and she will help your Pokemon master a move. For one seed, you can get one move mastered. These Mastery Seeds are obtained by defeating or catching Alpha Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Seed of Mastery

How to Use Agile and Strong Style Moves

Once mastered, each mastered move will have three versions, the normal version, an agile and a strong version. You can switch which version of the move you want to use in midst of the battle.

Simply highlight the move and then press L or R button to select the version of the move you want to use.

How to use Agile and Strong style Moves

Agile and Strong Style Moves also use more PP (Power Points) than regular moves. Where regular moves use 1 PP per use, these styles use 2 PP per use. And since you have limited PP for every fight, it’s best to use these moves strategically.

Difference Between Agile and Strong Style Moves

Agile Style Moves are weaker than their normal counterpart but are much faster than the normal move. This quicker action speed also allows you to have two turns in a row, allowing you to deal additional damage, or even use items for your Pokemon.

Strong moves are much slower than their normal counterpart, but deal increased damage and status moves have increased effects. This may sometimes result in your opponent getting two turns in a row before you get to go again.

Difference Between Agile and Strong Style Moves

When to Use Agile and Strong moves

Both Agile and Strong move styles in Pokemon Legends have pros and cons, but when used correctly, can make a huge difference.

Agile-style moves allow an additional turn but at cost of attack damage. These attacks work best when used at the start of the fight as a combo when you’re fighting a Pokemon, that is weak to your Pokemon type, as you can punch in massive damage at the start of the battle by taking advantage of this weakness.

Strong style moves work perfectly as your final act. These moves allow your opponent two turns in a row and that’s not favorable. This is why these work best as last resorts to end battles on a weakened Pokemon. This allows you to finish the fight in a swift move and one knocked out, the enemy Pokemon can’t use its two moves.

These are just suggestions and you are ultimately free to use your Pokemon’s moves how you see fit.

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