How to Find and Evolve Gabite in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Gabite is the fan-favorite dragon Pokemon that evolves into one of the coolest-looking dragon types, Garchomp. This guide will help you locate and evolve Gabite in Pokemon Legends: Arceus so that you can add it to your team and evolve it into the fearsome Garchomp.

Where to Find Gabite in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Gabite is a Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Gabite is found in Celestica Ruins at the Coronet Highlands.

Its spawn is not time-specific and so it can be found at Celestica Ruins any time. You can also find Garchomp here but it is a rare find.

Below is the location shown on the map around which you can easily find Gabite:

How to Find and Evolve Gabite in Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can also get a Gible and evolve it into a Gabite. To do so, you can capture a Gible and level it up till level 24, where it will evolve into Gabite.

Gabite spawns in the world as a level 56 pokemon. Weaken it in battle to capture it or simply get a well-thrown backstrike.

Standard Pokeballs won’t be as effective due to Gabite’s high level, so use Greatballs and higher to have better odds at catching it.

If you are having a hard time catching Gabite with sneaking, you can directly engage the pokemon in battle. Gabite is weak to Ice and Fairy-Type pokemon so it’s best to use one of these to weaken Gabite to the point where you can capture it.

How to Evolve Gabite

Gabite will evolve into Garchomp at level 48. If you have obtained a Gabite through evolving a Gible, you’ll need to put in more EXP to get to level 48 to evolve your Gabite.

If you capture a Gabite directly from the wild, you can immediately evolve him as any wild Gabite is already at level 56.

To evolve your Gabite, you need to go to your inventory and manually trigger the evolution by highlighting the pokemon in your inventory and pressing X.

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