Pokemon Legends Arceus Big Buizel Little Buizel Request Guide

This guide will explain how to complete Request 4: Big Buizel, Little Buizel in Pokemon Legends Arceus and catch the specific height Pokemon.

As players explore the area of Hisui in Pokemon Legends Arceus, they will be offered requests by various members of the Galaxy Team. Some of these requests can be completed quickly and easily, while others might take longer. This guide will explain how to complete Request 4: Big Buizel, Little Buizel in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Big Buizel Little Buizel

You need to find a Buizel for Dorian to complete the Big Buizel Little Buizel request in Pokemon Arceus. We will be listing the exact height requirements and the locations where you’ll find this Pokemon below.

Most Buizels are found in the Obsidian Fieldlands near the river bank. Also, you can locate Buizels near the Obsidian Falls, Windswept, or the Oreburrow Tunner as well.

How to Catch Buizels

To catch Buizels in Pokemon Legends Arceus, we have recommended two different ways below. First is right before defeating Kleavor, you can catch Buizel.

The Buizel required to complete this quest has some requirements, including a height of 2’8. So, make sure that the size of the Buizel you capture meets the requirements to complete this quest. Then, you can keep on catching Buizels until they meet the specific height.

You can directly capture the alpha variant if you want to minimize the chances of catching the wrong Buizel. But the chances of catching Buizel in its alpha form are very slim, so if you want to catch them in Alpha form, switch to the morning time.

In the morning, your chances of catching Buizel in Alpha form increase drastically because the encounter table is also shared with drift loom at night.

Now head to the locations mentioned above in the morning start looking for Buizel in its Alpha variant. You’ll see a few Buizels in their Alpha Variant when you arrive at these locations. One thing you need to keep in mind is to complete this quest; you need Buizel with a height of 2’8.

So, start comparing the Buizels you locate. If you want to view their height and weight, simply start looking at their Pokedex entry and verify their height in the size section. As soon as you find a 2’8 tall Buizel, you are good to go. Simply capture that Buizel by stunning it and showing Buizel to Dorian to finish the quest.

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