Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Event Is Expected To Add A Breeding Feature To The Game

It seems like a Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event might be planned soon for the highly popular smartphone AR game if some recent reports are to be believed.

After the game’s latest update, enthusiasts discovered a new bit of source code that indicated that the game will soon be adding a Pokemon gender and breeding system and what better way to launch that feature than through a Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event.

According to reports, an upcoming patch will start off the event which should last for a few days similar to the Holiday themed event.

The update is also expected to add two new Pokemon, Espeon and Umbreon to the game alongside other new additions.

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There has however been no confirmation from Niantic Labs, the creators of the game, about any such event or the inclusion of the two mentioned Pokemon. There are rumors that once the Pokemon get added to the game, acquiring them will not be easy and will require players to raise their affection with Eevee by choosing it as a companion.


The Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event should also add in new PokeStops and Gyms to the game so that those who love the augmented reality part of the game have a multitude of new locations to check out.

Among the new locations, numerous Starbucks and Target locations have been reportedly added to the game.

Unfortunately, Niantic has since then removed the source code that indicated towards these inclusions which could mean that they have completely cancelled the idea of introducing Pokemon breeding or that they are ready to fully implement the feature in the game.

With Valentine’s Day less than 10 days away, fans won’t have to wait long to find out whether such an event does end up happening or will Niantic just continue to host events similar to the Holiday themed one.

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