Pokemon Go Launch Ups Nintendo Stock Value by $7.5 Billion! Best Since NES Era

The Pokemon Go launch has surged the Nintendo stocks by a gigantic $7.5 billion! Share price went up by 23 percent which is the best since NES days!

After being announced in September last year, the Pokemon Go launch finally came a couple of days ago. The impact of this on Nintendo has been su huge that it is being compared to the NES era!

Industry analysts have revealed that right after the launch of the game and its immediate sprint to the top of app stores all over the world, Nintendo stock experience a major 23 percent increase in share price.

For the sake of context, this is the level of change (in terms of percentage) that was last experienced at the time when we had the Nintendo Entertainment System at its peak.

In monetary terms, the market value of Nintendo, a public limited company has gone up by a massive $7.5 billion and the market capitalization now stands at about $28 billion.

This mega shift in their market value was experience just in the first 48 hours after the Pokemon Go launch, and by 0225 GMT on Monday (10:25 p.m. EDT on Sunday), the price of Nintendo share was touching 20,000 yen.

The last time Nintendo stock was traded at such a high price was back when the company had officially announced their partnership with DeNA for mobile game development plans.

Parallel to this, the volume of trade is also the highest since late October and November 2015.

After the Pokemon Go launch in US, Australia and New Zealand the rollout was halted due to some server issues, but we are hoping that this issue will not bother the community for too long.

There are other lucrative plans too, for instance, Niantic has promised that Pokemon trading is going to be introduced to the mobile game very soon through a future update – although we don’t know how soon that will be.

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