Pokemon GO Gyarados Raid Counters Guide

Learn how to take on and defeat the Gyarados raid boss in Pokemon GO with this list of counters we have prepared to aid you

In the new Lunar Update we were given Gyarados who is now actually a Level 4 Raid Boss in the game. If you are going for this raid boss, read this guide to learn about the Pokemon GO Gyarados Raid Counters.

I think we all can mutually agree that Gyarados was most certainly one of the scarier Pokemon in the franchise.

With its large mouth, and the fact that it is both a Water and Flying type makes it an extremely formidable foe in battle for some; unless you follow our guide.

Pokemon GO Gyarados Raid Counters

Gyarados is a Water and Flying-Type Pokemon which basically means that it is going to be absolutely destroyed by any Electric-Type Pokemon. It is however also weak to Rock, and Ice-Type Pokemon as well.

If you want to find Gyarados at its best CP, then you are going to want to do this during a Windy or Rainy weather. Catching a Gyarados amidst this weather means that you will have him in a CP of roughly 2319-2422.

There is no boost to the initial CP of Gyarados if you happen to catch him during neither of the aforementioned weathers.

Counter Pokemon

Let us now discuss in detail which Pokemon can make the battle considerably easier for you as perfect counters to Gyarados.

We will be taking into account a majority of Electric-Type Pokemon, as Gyarados is super weak to Electrical Attacks due to the fact that it is both a Water and Flying-Type Pokemon.

Raikou, the legendary Electric-Type Pokemon back from the days of Fire Red and definitely one of my favorite Legendaries back then.

This guy packs quite the punch with all his attacks and can jam out a significant amount of damage output during the fight.

MewTwo is a good choice if you’re running short on any good Electric-Type Pokemon, you can use MewTwo’s Psycho Cut and Thunderbolt against Gyarados which should be good enough to stand your ground during the fight.

Zapdos, the Legendary Electric-Type bird is a pretty good pick for the battle. Zapdos’ Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt are viable moves against the Flying and Water-Type Gyarados.

Luxray, the final evolved form of Shinx, is a great choice against Gyarados. Its Electric-Type attacks Spark and Wild Charge are great for bringing down Gyarados.

Electivire is an extremely effective counter for Gyarados as he has a great and large damage output. Use his Thunder Shock and Wild Charge or any other Electric-Type abilities and watch as Gyarados’ health takes large dips.

Whenever you want a specific type of Pokemon, you probably always think of one of Eevee’s evolved forms. In this case, Jolteon is definitely one of the more effective options against Gyarados in this battle with the abilities Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt.

Not only Gyarados, but the Lunar Update for Pokemon GO has brought various other exciting raid bosses to challenge the players with.

Alongside that, a Shiny Magmar is out there in the wild waiting to be caught by the Pokemon GO community.

The event also brings you the chance of rare candies in gifts from your friends and an increased chance of getting lucky from friends and making your trades lucky as well.

The Lunar Update event will be with us until the 3rd of February so make sure to not miss out on anything; have fun while it lasts!

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