Pokemon Go Event Will See Team Rocket Invasion

Prepare for trouble, make it double! Niantic has announced that Team Rocket is going to take over all Poke Stops in Pokemon Go event!

On Friday members of Team Rocket invaded New York. But in true villain fashion, this was only a distraction. Fans of Pokemon Go may have thought that the event was over.  A day-long countdown, ending at midnight ET on Sunday, July 28, revealed the next stage in their plans: Taking over all Pokéstops across the globe.

You know what its time for? The Team Rocket motto.
Prepare for trouble,
And Make it double!
To protect the world from devastaion,
To unite all people within our nation,
To denounce the evil of truth and love,
To extend our reach to the stars of above,
Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Meowth, Thats Right!

Pokemon Go creators Niantic added Rocket Stops last week. This is a new feature wherein members of Team Rocket will takeover a stop, requiring a Pokemon battle to clear it. Victory in battle allows players to catch a Shadow Pokemon.

This could signal a new era for Pokemon GO. Perhaps it could turn into something even bigger.
However, what we really want is an appearance by the original Mewtwo. This could take the shape of a fight against the Team Rocket menace.

The current tier 5 raid, Armored Mewtwo, is scheduled to end on Wednesday of this week, so perhaps the original (and far better) Mewtwo, will finally return to a game that has decreed it its top attacker.

Pokemon Go “events” have been a lot of fun in the past as well. Some of these have been anime fans dreams, like the crossover between Pokemon Go and One piece.

No matter how this ends, there’s no question that the Team Rocket event has been one of the most exciting Niantic has hosted in Pokémon Go, and proves that the three-year-old game still has a few surprises left.

Source: Polygon