Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Trailer, Reactions And Overall Reception

The Pokemon: Detective Pikachu trailer just dropped and took the world by storm, reactions pouring in, mostly in support for a change

Yesterday was a rather emotional roller coaster for us all out in the world. From Toy Story 4 to the loss of Marvel legend Stan The Man Lee. The highlight I’ll be diverting everyone’s focus to for now is the trailer for Detective Pikachu. That’s right guys, Pokemon is getting a live action movie, which actually looks amazing. The world was absolutely taken by storm because who wouldn’t be? We have our first live-action Pokemon movie, and in a world where live action adaptions are usually disastrous, this one instills a lot of hope.

Fans took to all sorts of social media to express their sheer excitement for the upcoming movie. Which depicts a modernized depiction of if Pokemon actually existed and lived in harmony with humans in today’s world. The main focus is on what seems to be a rookie detective, overshadowed by his father’s achievements. His partner being a Pikachu detective voiced by Ryan Reynolds, and as weird as that sounds. It fits, perfectly. See the trailer here:

Back to the reactions, the overall reception of our adorable little Sherlock was more than positive. People were almost blown away everywhere. This includes those like myself who are normally skeptical of these live action adaptions, that usually just feel like rushed cash grabs. Twitter has been nothing but a shower of absolute love for either our fuzzy little friend or Mr Mime…for obvious reasons.

Not to be overly dramatic but I would die for #DetectivePikachu pic.twitter.com/fDN9npwoxR

— Rory ?️‍?? (@auroraknux) November 12, 2018

If you think #DetectivePikachu looks weird. Here’s my evidence that you’re wrong. pic.twitter.com/GOH0Ce2FHQ

— Brandon Miracle (@BabaBaabs) November 12, 2018

me seeing #DetectivePikachu next year like pic.twitter.com/LRzJsrvkDg

— twols ? (@twoestwols) November 12, 2018

Made a drake meme oops #DetectivePikachu pic.twitter.com/F3a4o6XCI0

— Bad Designer Lloyd (@BadDesignLloyd) November 13, 2018

After watching #DetectivePikachu trailer… pic.twitter.com/iX4vAh75cw

— Laxman Sharma (@Laxman_1994) November 13, 2018

Is ANYONE going to mention Psyduck in #DetectivePikachu ?!??✨ pic.twitter.com/dlusNWNCiR

— sicapika (@sicapika1) November 12, 2018

The Youtube community has also taken to particularly liking the look, feel and direction of this lovely adventure we’ve got in store for us. With a little mash-up of the Youtube community’s reaction found here.

Overall though, the hopes and expectations for the Detective Pikachu movie have been propelled pretty high. Especially considering the current generation’s curse of how badly anime-movie adaptions go. The scars from Dragon Ball Evolution still haven’t healed. Recently even Death Note fell victim to the curse, the adaption being meme’ed to absolute death by both fans of the show and general Netflix viewers.

When it comes to something like Pokemon, the setting and story is near and dear to all our hearts. Whether we know Pokemon by its games, anime, movies or card game. We all do know it, and all have sentiments attached to it. Which is why the people want to see right done by it.

Sure, it’s not the original story following Red from the games or Ash from the anime. And yeah it doesn’t have the iconic theme song, but a fresh new take might actually be the best step for this adaption. The surreal feel given off by how authentic the world in Detective Pikachu seems is really something else.

Like how realistic the lead’s airline ticket was. The only giveaway to Pokemon being how it was for the Sinnoh region. Or these snippets of Pokemon in real life scenarios, like Jigglypuff singing to bar patrons. Or a food cart owner having a Charmander to help them. Every detail gives us the perfect modernized setting of a live-action filmed. Coated with the fantasy aspect of Pokemon running around.

Hopefully, this film finally breaks the adaption curse. Comic books have managed to do it with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Books have done it with the Harry Potter series. It’ll be absolutely amazing if anime finally does it with Pokemon. Also I can’t wait to see how this sets up more Meta jokes for Deadpool 3.

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