Pokemon Black and White Legendary Pokemon Guide

Learn all the details about various exclusive and non-exclusive legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White in this guide

Pokemon Black and White feature a never-before-seen generation of new Pokemon including some that are very powerful and need the utmost skill to get. These are the legendary Pokemon. How you can get them is briefly detailed in the following Pokemon Black and White Legendary Pokemon guide.

Pokemon Black and White Legendary Pokemon

You have to get the Special Item called the liberty pass; it is what that will ultimately get you this legendary Pokemon. You must connect your Wifi, and go to Mystery Gift from the games’ menu and claim it.

Go to any Pokemon Center after that to receive it, then head to Castelia City and go to the dock (left side). There will be a man with a boat, go near him, and he will take you to Liberty Garden.

You will then have to defeat few Grunts and then enter into a battle with Victini. He is very strong and level 15 so make sure you take Ultra Balls with you.

Go to the Giant Chasm, the forest. When you’ll enter, something will freeze everything. Keep going towards the North side and enter the cave where you will find this Pokemon.

Note. You need to catch following Pokemons in the right order or you will not be able to get them all.

Cobalion (Chargestone Cave)
Go to Chargestone Cave and instead of going inside, take the right and surf along the river until you reach to a new cave. This is the Mistraltion cave. Go straight until you find an old man. He will tell you about these three legendary Pokemons.

Later at the end, you will find Cobalion. He is a very strong level 42 Pokemon. Make sure you bring a lot of dusk balls.

Terrakion (Victory Road)
The 2nd Pokemon to catch is Terrakion. Go to the Pokemon League and move towards the southern side. You will now see a path to a new unlocked cave (Just to the end of the victory road)Terrakion is in that cave. You need to defeat him just like any other Pokemon with a lot of dusk balls.

Virizon (Pinwheel Forest)
Go to Nacrene City, the Pinwheel forest is just left to the city. You will find another path on the right side of the road; it will take you to the third legendary Pokemon. Dusk Balls are not that effective in this fight and his attacks, especially the Giga Drain attack will inflict a lot of damage.

Zekrom (White) / Reshiram (Black)
These Pokemon will show up once you’re done finishing the game, but if you’ve matched with them already, head to the Dragonspiral Tower so that you may fight them and catch them.

Once you’re gotten Tornadus and Thundurus, you will find Landorus in the Abundant Shrine. You will have to use surf and waterfall to get to this location.

Tornadus (Black) / Thundurus (White)
In the morning, you will find them strolling around in the southern areas, but at night, you will find them in the northern areas. Search for someone to trade the Pokemon who’re included in your game.

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