How to Get Trainer Card Stars and Badges in Pokemon BDSP

In this Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl guide, we will explain Trainer Cards in Pokemon BDSP and how you can get Trainer card stars.

In this Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl guide, we will explain in detail about Trainer Cards in Pokemon BDSP and how you can get Trainer card stars.

Pokemon BDSP Trainer Cards

A lot of information related to your progress as a Pokemon trainer in BDSP is shown on your trainer card. This allows you to check out how much you’ve played the game and how far you’ve come, so it’s very important.

What is a Trainer Card?

You can see your Player ID, how many Pokemon are in your Pokedex, how much money you have right now, when you first started your save file, when you first reached the Hall of Fame, and how long you’ve been playing on it.

You can even see online stats, such as your battles online and your trades at the back of the card!

Most importantly though. your progress in obtaining Gym Badges and Trainer Card Stars is shown on a Trainer Card. You can look at your badge case through the trainer card and clean up your well-earned badges in the neat display!

How to Get Trainer Card Stars

The color schemes of the trainer card change six times, one for every star you get by completing particular game achievements. Each time you get an achievement, you earn a star. The order doesn’t matter.

When you first start off, you won’t have any stars on your trainer card, and the card will be painted in red.

To earn more stars and change the color of your card as you add more and more stars to your bucket, you’ll have to unlock a few achievements.

1-Star Trainer Card

You’ll gain one star when you defeat Champion Cynthia and take a walk in the Hall of Fame for the first time. With one star now added to your Trainer Card, the color of the card would change from red to blue.

2-Star Trainer Card

Earning two stars will give you a bronze-colored Trainer Card. You can earn another star by winning a super contest show on Master Rank.

3-Star Trainer Card

Completing you’re National Dex will add another star to your Trainer Card. With Three stars added to your Trainer Card, you’ll be unlocking a silver Trainer Card.

4-Star Trainer Card

Last but not the least, you can earn a star by Achieving a 100-win streak at the Battle Tower. 4 stars will earn you a gold Trainer Card.

5-Star Trainer Card

Lastly, getting one hundred variants of Statues in the Underground will grant you the much-awaited 5th star. Your Trainer Card will now be colored black, being a witness to your hard-earned five stars.

How to Get Trainer Card Badges in Pokemon BDSP

Players simply need to defeat the gym leaders to get trainer card badges. The Gym Leaders are arranged on the Badge Case according to the same order in which you have challenged them.

The badge case shows the sketches of all the gym leaders and their badges as well. The badges can be accessed through the Trainer Card in the game.

There are other interesting effects offered by Gym Badges. For example, the players can tap on the Gym Badges. A sound effect is generated when they are tapped.

The badges can also be cleaned by wiping them. If the players do not clean the badges, then the luster will fade. Nothing really happens if you don’t clean your Gym Badges, but it’s a pretty neat detail.

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