Pokemon BDSP PC Storage Boxes Guide

In this guide, we will show you how to use PC Storage Boxes in Pokemon BDSP to organize your captured Pokemon

Every Pokemon game has provided players with storage options where they can save their extra Pokemon to keep their party organized. In this guide, we will show you how to use PC Storage Boxes in Pokemon BDSP to organize your captured Pokemon.

Pokemon BDSP PC Storage Box

As mentioned before, PC boxes are basically storage containers where you house your in-active Pokemon. You can access a PC box through a Pokemon Center.

The PC can be found to the right of the counter or healing station where Nurse Joy stands waiting for you.

Pokemon centers are available throughout the Sinnoh Region. You can also find it within buildings like Super Contest Hall, Day Care and the Pokemon League.

Any Pokemon caught can be sent to the PC box. The game will ask you if you wish to either send the Pokemon directly to the box or swap it with a Pokemon from your party.

When you turn on the PC you will see that the Pokemon Storage System is known as ‘Someone’s PC’.

This will change instantly upon meeting Bebe in her house, which is beside the Pokemon Center in Hearthome City. Meeting her will automatically change the name of the PC box to ‘Bebe’s PC’.

This is because Bebe introduces herself as the developer or creator of the Pokemon Storage System in Sinnoh.

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of PC Boxes in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and its features starting with Managing Pokemon.

Managing Pokemon Within PC Boxes

You can store up to 540 Pokemon at the start by using the PC Boxes. However, this limit can further be increased as we will explain below.

Each box has a limit of 30 Pokemon that can be stored. Therefore, keep in mind that you have a total of 18 boxes to start off with so if you are a breeder extraordinaire, be aware of how many duplicate Pokemon that you store.

Other than that, you can organize it further by renaming the Box’s name and the wallpaper of it as well.

If you are new to Pokemon then it’s common knowledge that you can deposit, withdraw and move Pokemon through the PC Box as well. Furthermore, you can check the stats, level and nature of your Pokemon as well!

Trainer’s and Rowan’s PC

Accessing your trainer’s PC will allow you to check your mail and design Ball Capsules by adding or removing Poke Seals. But be aware that a Pokemon with a Ball Capsule can’t be stored in a PC box, making this Pokemon a very special friend indeed!

What about Rowan’s PC? Opening his PC will cause the Professor to check your Pokedex’s progression.

Talking about the Pokedex, some people will probably catch every Pokemon they encounter so it’s best that you learn about expanding your PC box limit.

How to Get More PC Boxes

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything radical to gain extra boxes. It’s simple as dropping, at least, 1 Pokemon in each box available.

First of all, Press the X Button to open up the Main Menu. Choose ‘Pokemon’ on the Menu and then press the R button to access the Boxes feature.

What you need is the Box Link feature but if you don’t have it, go to any Pokemon Center and access the PC boxes from there.

After that just perform the action listed above. Move at least 1 Pokemon to each empty box available to you. This will upgrade your PC Storage box count in Pokemon BDSP to 24. Keep repeating this till you reach 30 boxes.

Fill all the 30 boxes with a total of 90 Pokemon and you will get 5 more boxes as a reward. Fill those extra 5 as well to unlock the remaining 5, bringing your total storage box count to 40 in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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