How to Get Mystery Gifts in Pokemon BDSP

If you are unsure of how to grab your mystery gifts, our Pokemon BDSP guide should help out in securing them in both games.

Mystery Gifts are not a mystery for those who have played Pokemon. The Mystery Gifts feature has been in the franchise for a long time and is making a return with Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. If you are unsure of how to grab your mystery gifts, our Pokemon BDSP guide should help out.

How to Get Mystery Gifts in Pokemon BDSP

Mystery Gifts are basically lootboxes in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl but you don’t have to pay for them and you already know the contents inside instead of a gamble.

How to Unlock the Mystery Gift feature

You will unlock the Mystery Gift feature after playing either Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Pokemon Shining Pearl for a couple of hours and making some progress with the main story.

Firstly, let’s get to gaining your first badge. You will receive your first gym badge in the Oreburgh Gym. The Gym Leader Roark is a Rock, Ground-type gym leader whose team is comprised of a Geodude, Onyx and Cranidos.

Fundamentally, a Grass or Water-type Pokemon will wipe the floor with these guys but a Fighting-type will perform just as perfectly.

After that, you need to defeat a Galactic grunt duo found to the north of Jubilife City. It’s a safety measure before entering the TV station in Jubilife City.

On the 2nd floor of the establishment, talk to the TV producer who will force you into a question-and-answer session.

Don’t worry, below is a list of correct answers that you need to choose in order to unlock the Mystery Gift feature in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl:

Question: Will you tell me your opinion on TV?

Answer: Everyone. Happy.

Question: What feedback can you give me about TV?

Answer: Wi-Fi. Connection.

You will probably need to input the answers separately. Traditionally the answers are located under the People, Feelings and Union category.

After answering his little interview, you will successfully unlock the Mystery Gift Feature. Congratulations! Now all you need to do is save the game and restart it to open the main menu.

You will spot the Mystery Gift option under New Game.

How to Receive Mystery Gifts

Now let’s talk about receiving the actual gift. What you need is a Wonder Card.

This card is received after you successfully connect to either a Friend, Internet or Nintendo WFC via the Mystery Gift option. The options mentioned are found when you select the Mystery Gift feature under New Game.

After you have received the Wonder Card, log into your game and walk towards the Poke Mart. In the mart you will see an NPC in green, just interact with them to obtain the goody from the Wonder Card.

You can either obtain Mystery Gifts from friends or from Limited-Time Events.

The thing with Limited Time events is that you need to act fast, once that deadline to receive your gift is over then you won’t reap the free rewards.

Mystery Gifts that are confirmed on the date of release from the company are the following:

  • Platinum Outfits Mystery Gift: Received via Internet
  • Manaphy Egg: Received via Internet

The due dates for receiving the Mystery Gifts are 21, February 2022.

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