How to Increase IVs in Pokemon BDSP

In this guide, we'll be showing you How to Increase IVs in Pokemon BDSP through four different effective methods that trainers use!

Determining the strength and what kind of fights your Pokemon can take on in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is nothing short of data science as numerous systems come into play. One such system is IVs or Individual Values of a Pokemon. In this guide, we will explain in detail how IVs work in Pokemon BDSP and how to increase IVs.

How to Increase IVs in Pokemon BDSP

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IVs are essential for the players to have unique stats and potential. These come in handy when you need to calculate different stats visible to players in the battle.

IVs are different from EVs in Pokemon BDSP as they are generated automatically and randomly for each player. IVs have values ranging from 0 to 31 for each stat. High IV in a specific stat means that a Pokemon has a high value in that stat.

Dittos with higher IVs can go a long way when it comes to securing perfect IVs and breeding with perfect IVs.

How to Check IVs in Pokemon BDSP

You might be wondering how you can check the IVs of your Pokemon. A method to check Pokemon IVs exist in Pokemon BDSP. However, you will need to unlock the Judge function at the battle Tower by talking to the IV checker.

Once the function is unlocked you can use the judge function to calculate IVs in Pokemon BDSP.

Finding the IV Checker

You have to go to Snowpoint City after defeating the Elite 4 and Champion Cynthia. There you have to talk to the sailor at the port who will ride you to the fight area.

You can also use fly to get to the fight area quickly if you know the location of the Fight Area. At the Fight Area, you have to enter the building at the northeast and then go straight through the battle Park.

You will reach the Battle Tower by going a little forward. Inside the battle tower, you will see a man standing near the PC. Talk to that man and once you are done the Judge Function will be available in the Pokemon Boxes.

Checking IVs

To check your IVs you have to open the Pokemon Boxes by going to PC or you can also access it using the R button while on the Pokemon party Screen.

Here press the + or – button twice after hovering over to the Pokemon in your party or box.

This will show you the Pokemon stats. Now again press the + or – button for checking the Pokemon IVs which will be shown on the right side of the screen.

Judge Ratings

The IVs are actually shown in the form of a few phrases from the judge. They correspond to IVs as follows:

1-10 IVs: Decent

11-20 IVs: Pretty Good

21-29 IVs: very Good

30 IV: Fantastic

31 IV: Best

How to Catch High IV Dittos

To capture a high IV Ditto, head to the Canalave City and towards Route 218. Head towards the patch of grass and use Super Repel. Save your game and use Poke Radar to find pokemon in the grass.

Head towards the moving grass to start the animation. If the Pokemon is Ditto, then you can catch it using the desired Pokeball. If it is a pokemon other than Ditto, then quit the game and load the save file that you just created.

You will be guaranteed a Ditto if you follow the above steps. Now, in order to get a higher IV, repeat the process and keep making chains. You will get 1 IV Ditto for 20 Chains, 2 IV for 30 Chains, 3 IV for 40 Chains, and 5 IV for 100 Chains.

How to Breed a Pokemon with High IV Ditto

You can pass a parent’s IVs to a child through breeding in the Nursery in Pokemon BDSP. A high IV Ditto will help you out in doing so.

Dittos can breed with any Pokemon, therefore; leave the Ditto and a Pokemon parent in the Nursery in Solaceon Town to start breeding. Dittos with higher IVs can go a long way when it comes to securing perfect IVs.

Switch Parents with High IV Offspring

One thing that will be essential in doing so would be to get the perfect IV spread by having the right IVs in each of the six stats. Breed Dittos with perfect IVs in a way that they cover all of your stats

Once a Pokemon has hatched; check whether they have better IVs than that of their parents. If this is the case, then switch them with their parents to produce offspring with better IVs.

Simply holding a Destiny Knot will allow a parent to transfer its 5 or 6 IVs. The Ditto with a higher amount of IVs should hold this knot while breeding. This knot is easily acquirable on Route 224, by the blocked area of Victory Road.

Pokemon BDSP IV Calculator

If all of this seems like too much work or you’d rather get more detailed IV info, try using this linked calculator. You can simplify the IV checking process by pressing the simplify button at the link.

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