Pokemon BDSP Honey Guide

Players can use Honey Trees to catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. For that very reason,...

Players can use Honey Trees to catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. For that very reason, we have prepared this Pokemon BDSP Honey Guide to provide you with honey tree locations and how to use them.

Pokemon BDSP Honey

Honey can be unlocked in Floaroma Town by talking to the NPC near the meadows. After that, you can slather Honey on Honey Trees to capture different Pokemon in Pokemon BDSP.

Before we list out the honey tree locations in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, let us first talk about how the whole Honey Mechanic works in the game.

Honey Pokemon

Honey can be used to catch Pokemon in Pokemon BDSP. Whenever you come across a honey tree, you can splash it with Honey and then use it as bait to attract certain Pokemon.

Check back on the slathered tree after 6 hours to see if a Pokemon was attracted and then fight the Pokemon to capture it. Do note that they will leave if you don’t check on the honey tree within 24 hours.

The following Pokemon can spawn on Honey Trees in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl:

  • Burmy
  • Wurmple
  • Silcoon
  • Cascoon
  • Combee
  • Cherubi
  • Heracross
  • Aipom
  • Munchlax

How to Buy More Honey

The NPC you talked to for unlocking Honey in Floaroma Town will sell you more honey. Go back to the meadows and talk to him if you want to buy more honey.

He will sell you 1 Honey for 100p or 10 Honey for 1000p. Stock up on honey if you plan to slather all of the honey trees and catch rare Pokemon. But there is a way to cheat the game when it comes down to getting free Honey!

How to Get Free Honey with Honey Gather

To get free Honey, simply roam around and battle wild Pokemon with a Combee in your Party! Make sure that your Combee has the ‘Honey Gather’ ability.

This ability allows the Pokemon to pick up Honey after a battle. The higher the level of your Combee, the better the chances of it picking up honey.

Do keep in mind that you need to keep checking up on your Combee from the Menu. Since you may need to take the honey off its person before continuing on with your grind. Repeating this cycle will ensure you free Honey for days.

Pokemon BDSP Honey Tree Reset Timer & Rare Pokemon Spawn rate

Once the Pokemon leaves or you were simply unable to attract any Pokemon in the first place, you will have to cover the tree with honey again to attract more Pokemon to it.

Not every tree you slather will always attract Pokemon and that is why you should cover multiple trees at the same time to increase your chances of encountering a rare Pokemon. Therefore, try to slather honey on 3 trees per day.

This way the chance of encountering the Pokemon you want will rise significantly. Within a week, you will probably encounter the Pokemon you want if you stick to this ‘3 Honey Trees a Day’ method.

But there are Special Honey trees available that are connected to your Trainer ID and Secret ID.

In Sinnoh, there are 4 special Honey trees. They have a higher chance of attracting rare Pokemon like a Munchlax. But the catch to this is that each tree corresponds to your IDs, as mentioned above.

In the end, the only way to find out which tree is special to you is through trial and error. One of them is bound to be the rare one for you.

Try to form routes and routines on the map. So, whenever you are going on a quest, you can slather all of the honey trees in your way.

You can even slather the honey trees when you have to leave your Switch and come back after 6 to 8 hours to find some Pokemon attracted to them. It should be noted that the Nintendo Switch’s clock cannot be set forward to skip the 6-hour waiting time.

Moving from there, let’s talk about checking the status of your Honey Tree for a better understanding of this mechanic.

How to Check Honey Tree Status

This method is useful when you have forgotten the location of your Honey tree. Open up the Town Map via the Key Items section in your bag.

It is better that you register it to the + symbol on your Nintendo Switch for ease of access. Upon its opening, press ‘+’ on your switch to bring up the Locations info. This will show all of the Honey Trees that you have encountered on the map.

Tap on L and R simultaneously to scroll between the Honey trees. The colors shown on these trees signify the following status:

  • White: Not Slathered with Honey
  • Gold: Slathered with Honey
  • Trees that Sparkle: Pokemon have gathered to this tree

Pokemon BDSP Honey Tree Locations

There are a total of 21 Honey Trees in the game and we will be pinpointing their locations for you below.

Floaroma Town

  • Floaroma Meadow: There is a house in the middle of the meadows and the honey tree is right next to it.
  • Valley Windworks: South of Route 205’s exit.
  • Route 205: The honey tree can be located after crossing the short bridge.
  • Fuego Ironworks: Go through the northwest exit of route 205 to reach this honey tree.
  • Exterior of Eterna Forest: Use the Cut HM to enter the Eterna forest and find the honey tree near the entrance.
  • North of Route 205: Find this honey tree near Eterna City’s entrance.

Oreburgh City

  • Route 207: Climb the steep slope and you’ll be able to locate the honey tree near the northern edge.
  • Route 206: Look around the cycling road and use cut to move through the tall grass to reach the honey tree.

Hearthome City

  • Route 208: Go west of the Hearthome City Gate to find this honey tree.
  • North of Route 212: There is an enclosure near the west gate of Hearthome city and that’s where this next honey tree is located.
  • Route 209: Go west from the Hallowed Tower.
  • South of Route 210: The honey tree is located below the cafe cabin.
  • North of Route 210: Look below the Tutor’s house.
  • Route 215: Around the northeast entrance of route 210.

Pastoria City

  • South of Route 212: Head west from the Pastoria gate and you will find the Honey Tree eventually.
  • Route 213: Head south of the Pastoria gate to find the honey tree.

Other Locations

  • Route 218: Go to Canalave City then exit east onto Route 218 to find the Honey Tree east of Canalave City gate.
  • Route 221: Go to Pal Park then head west and you should be able to spot the honey tree after a short while.
  • Route 222: Go to Sunyshore City then exit west to Route 222 to find the honey tree.
  • Route 211: Fly to Celestic Town then exit west to Route 211 to reach Honey Tree.
  • Route 214: Fly to Veilstone City then exit south to Route 214 and locate the Honey Tree north of Valor Lakefront. Use Rock Smash HM to avoid the maze along the way.

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