Pokemon BDSP Charmander Location, How to Evolve, Type and Abilities

In this guide, we'll be showing you everything you need to know to catch the Pokemon BDSP Charmander along with its abilities, stats, etc.

Charmander is considered to be one of the more iconic Pokemon of the franchise. If you are interested in adding all different generation starters to your Pokedex, our guide will help you catch Charmander in Pokemon BDSP.

Pokemon BDSP Charmander Location

Charmander is a Fire-type Lizard Pokemon in Pokemon BDSP. With a regular Pokeball, you will have a 5.9% chance to catch it.

Our guide below goes over everything that you need to know about catching Charmander in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. So, let’s begin!

How to Catch Charmander

Similar to other Fire starters in BDSP, Charmander is found in the fire/lava zones of the Grand Underground. Due to the low spawn rate, you might have to leave and enter the zone multiple times before a Charmander spawns.

In Pokemon BDSP, there are a total of 3 spawn locations of Charmander, namely Typhlo Cavern, Lava Cava, and Cayon Lava Cave.

  • Typhlo Cavern: Spawn chance of Lv. 16-63 Charmander
  • Lava Cave: Spawn chance of Lv. 16-63 Charmander
  • Cayon Lava Cave: Spawn chance of Lv. 16-63 Charmander

Base Stats

  • HP: 39
  • Attack: 52
  • Defense: 43
  • Special Attack: 60
  • Special Defense: 50
  • Speed: 65

Charmander Abilities

Blaze: When the HP of Charmander falls below a third of its maximum, the power of the Fire-type moves increases by 50%.

Solar Power: It’s Charmander’s hidden ability, that, during harsh sunlight, increases the Special Attack of Charmander by 50. However, there is also a loss of 1/8th of the maximum HP after each turn.

As Charmander levels up it will learn new moves and abilities like

  • Flamethrower
  • Flare Blitz
  • Inferno
  • Overheat

How to Evolve Charmander

Once Charmander reaches level 16, it will automatically evolve into Charmeleon. The final evolutionary form of Charmander, Charizard, is triggered by reaching level 36.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As a Fire Type Pokemon, Charmander has certain strengths and weaknesses.

It is strong against Steel, Grass, Bug, Fire, Ice, Fairy Type Moves. Here are all the Pokemon, Charmander is strong against:

  • Ho-Oh (Fire Type)
  • Dialga (Steel Type)
  • Celebi (Psychic Type)
  • Metagross (Psychic Type)
  • Heatran (Fire Type)

On the contrary, Charmander is weak against Ground, Rock, Water Type Moves. Here are all the Pokemon, which can cause the most damage to Charmander:

  • Palkia (Water Type)
  • Kyogre (Water Type)
  • Groudon (Ground Type)
  • Tyranitar (Rock and Dark Type)
  • Garchomp (Ground Type)