How to Defeat Gym Leader Candice in Pokemon BDSP

In this guide, we'll be showing you How to Defeat Gym Leader Candice in Pokemon BDSP with a few tips and just the right type of Pokemon!

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is home to an intimidating line-up of Gym Leaders. In this guide, we will be breaking down how to defeat Gym Leader Candice in Pokemon BDSP.

How to Defeat Gym Leader Candice in Pokemon BDSP

In Pokemon BDSP, Candice is an Ice Gym Leader whose party comprises of Ice-type Pokemon.

If you are able to overcome Candice, you’ll earn the Icicle Badge, which lets you utilize Rock Climb outside of battle.

Found in Snowpoint City, Candice is the 7th Gym Leader, whom you’ll face off in Pokemon BDSP in order to earn your Icicle badge.

How to Solve Snowpoint City Gym Puzzle

Once inside the gym, take a step towards your right and then, proceed straight ahead in order to break some snowballs.

Next, head right and follow the ice to reach the back of the gym.

You’ll find a snow block on your left; from its location, go down, then left, then down, then left, then down, then left, then up, then right, then left, then down, then up, and then, up.

Now, you’ll find yourself at the top layer of the snowball. Now, proceed right and make your way back to the top right of the gym.

Once again, you’ll be standing on a snow block; this time around, it’s the one closest to Candice.

Accordingly, head down, then left, then up, then right, then up, then right, then down, then left, then left, then up, then left, then up, and then, right.

Having done that, you’ll find only one snowball in the center. Head to the top left of the gym. From the snow block here, go down into a snowball.

From that snowball, head right to break the last one.

With all the snowballs broken, proceed to the entrance of the gym and head straight through to face Candice.

Recommended Pokemon Types

  • Fighting
  • Rock
  • Fire
  • Steel

Candice’s Pokemon

Below, we have mentioned the Pokemon that Candice will be using in the first battle.


  • Level: 38
  • Ability: Snow Warning
  • Type: Grass and Ice


  • Avalanche
  • Mist
  • Razor Leaf
  • Water Pulse


  • Level: 38
  • Ability: Pickpocket
  • Type: Dark and Ice


  • Avalanche
  • Dig
  • Hone Claws
  • Metal Claws


  • Level: 40
  • Ability: Pure Power
  • Type: Fighting and Psychic


  • Brick Break
  • Bulk Up
  • Ice Punch
  • Rock Slide


  • Level: 42
  • Ability: Snow Warning
  • Type: Grass and Ice


  • Aurora Veil
  • Blizzard
  • Earthquake
  • Giga Drain

Best Pokemon Team to Defeat Candice

  • Rapidash
  • Lucario
  • Staraptor
  • Infernape

Candice’s team has three-quarters of its members that are weak to fire and fighting. Even though her entire squad is vulnerable to Flying types, you can find it difficult to rely on them just since they are also weak to Ice-types.

Having members of your party that can perform Fire and Fighting techniques will make this fight much easier to handle.

Candice’s Pokemon aren’t all ice-types. She does have a Medicham in her roster, so bring in your Flying or Ghost-type Pokemons as well. It still possesses Ice Punch and Rock Slide to retaliate against Flying-types, so be prepared.

Medicham, a Fighting and Psychic-type Pokemon In Candice’s team is the most troublesome of the lot.

Rapidash should be ready to send most of Candice’s squad quickly because of its Fire abilities, with Lucario standing by as a backup.

Staraptor is a good choice for dealing with Medicham since it uses Intimidate to reduce its attack before attacking hard with a Brave Bird.

Candice’s team will be set on fire in no time thanks to Infernape. If things get out of hand, Jirachi or Staraptor can help. But it’s quite unlikely that this will be necessary.

In case you don’t have any fire type, Rapidash will be your safe pick for this battle once again. It’s up to Rapidash to burn down the majority of the opponents.

Snowpoint City Gym Rewards

On defeating Candice, you will be rewarded with the Icicle Badge and TM100 – Rock Climb, which confuses your opponent during battle.

You will also acquire the TM72 – Avalanche move, which powers you up if you take damage first.