PlayStation Plus Free Games for October to be Announced Next Week

Sony has confirmed that they will be announcing the free games for October with PlayStation Plus next week.

Every month Sony Computer Entertainment launches a number of games for free on the PlayStation Plus. The games can be played for free for the period if users have a subscription and so far, the service has been widely approved.

Sony promises to continue bringing new titles in the list every month which is why subscribers are really interested in finding out what is in store for them in the month of October.

While it is a fact that we are only one week away from it, Sony has confirmed that they will not reveal names of the games before next week.

To be precise, Fred Dutton the PlayStation EU Blog Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe confirmed this when he was asked on his official Twitter to clarify when they will be making the announcement.

In parallel news, some of the fans had spotted Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag listed for free no the PlayStation Plus recently. Clicking on the link would take you to yet another offer where the game is available on 50 percent discount through the Assassin’s Creed sale.

While it is probable that this was just a mistake, it also kindles hope that maybe Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag is going to be a part of the October offering for free games through PlayStation Plus.

Keep checking back for more on this.

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