Playstation 5 Might Have A Mid-Gen Refresh Similar to PS4 Pro

The Playstation 5 might have a refresh done in the middle of the upcoming generation to catch up with technology that comes out after its release.

The Playstation 5 may not be on the market for as long as we think, according to Masayasu Ito of Sony. According to him, the Playstation 5 might undergo a mid-generation refresh in the same way that the Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One X did this generation as game technology advances further.

Both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One were already fairly outdated when they first released back in 2013, hence why they had to have mid-generation upgrades to allow them to play games at higher resolutions and framerates. This is one of PC gaming’s main advantages over console gaming.

While it’s much more difficult to upgrade a video game console as technology quickens, it’s an easy matter for a PC to be updated with a higher-quality graphics card, video drivers, and processors. Even though the Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro were marketed to be on-par with PCs, they will also likely be outdated soon.

The Playstation 5 will likely face a similar situation even on its release. Masayasu believes that the quickening pace of technology in video games will likely mean a shorter video game generation. While the Xbox 360 and Xbox One were separated by roughly ten years, Masayasu believes that the gap between each new console will shrink more and more.

The next console that will debut in the middle of the upcoming generation will be a part of this as the console makers at Playstation do their best to keep up with the pace of technology so that the Playstation will be cutting edge.

We can likely expect the Xbox Scarlett to have a similar plan in the future, though it heavily depends on what sort of goal the consoles are expecting. And with the Playstation 5 not expected to be releasing until the holidays of 2020, there’s no telling how much technology will have advanced by then.

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