A Playstation 4 Elite Controller Appears on Target Website

A new Playstation 4 Elite controller has appeared on the Target website, showing a new version of the Playstation 4 controller to compete with Xbox's.

A new controller called the Playstation 4 Elite controller has made a sudden appearance on the Target website, mirroring the arrival of the Xbox One Elite controller, which came out in October of last year. The Xbox One controller won high praise for its design despite the hefty 150 dollar price tag.

The Playstation 4 Elite controller seems to be a straight-up Playstation version of the Xbox One elite.

According to the Target website it has interchangeable paddles, joysticks, and D-pads included with it, and includes Bluetooth control, rubber housing, and more. Much of it is even compatible with various accessories and interchangeable parts from the Xbox One Elite controller. Like the Xbox One elite, the PS4 elite controller is rechargeable, with no batteries required.

All of these new components on the new controller can help Playstation 4 players to be able to do a lot more with their gaming, allowing them to move faster, shoot quicker, and have their controllers be able to stand up to the pressures of being often used. It can also be a handy competitive controller, especially where reaction time and sensitivity is critical to turn around and attack before your opponent can.

Considering it’s a controller intended for a similar use, and includes similar parts and functions, it’s likely that the Playstation 4 Elite controller will cost a similar price to the Xbox One Elite controller, 150 dollars. This is three times the price of a regular Xbox One controller, which can run around 50 dollars.

There’s already been various rumors of a possible competitor to the Xbox One Elite controller because of patent leaks, and now it seems like Sony and Playstation have finally decided the time is right. So far the Playstation 4 Elite controller is only available for pre-order, but if the Target page is right, Playstation players won’t have much longer to wait.

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