PlayStation 4.5 Launch Date is Holiday 2016 for $400; No 4K Native [RUMOR]

According to new leaks, the Playstation 4.5 launch date will fall in holidays 2016 for a price of $400; no native 4k, but games are already in development.

Whether it is called PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation 4K as recently suggested by a rumor, we might have our hands on the PlayStation 4.5 launch date details!

According to some new unconfirmed news, the new advanced console by Sony Computer Entertainment is going to be released during the Holiday season this year.

While we have enough evidence to know that the console actually is a thing, there are some uncertainties as to what it is going to pack. Some of the reports claim that it will be a superior and more powerful console with 4K gaming while some analysts think that it is nothing like what we think.

However, the rumor at hand suggests that Sony Computer Entertainment is bent upon making sure that the PlayStation 4.5 launch date falls during holiday 2016 and also that they are going to price it at $400 but this is just a tentative price for now.

Moving on to the more complicated matters i.e. 4K gaming. Just like we suggested the day before yesterday, the PlayStation 4K is hardly going to be able to run native 4K gaming. Since it is nearly impossible to provide native 4K gaming in the form factor and the price of the supposed console, the rumors suggest that it will instead “upscale” the images.

That is not all. The rumors suggest that developers are already making games specific to the PlayStation 4K that will specially make use of its additional power. This falls in line with the PlayStation 4.5 launch date window we discussed above.

Apparently, a studio that has a long history with Sony is working on a “major property” title for the PS4.5 too,

Well, that is all for today’s update but do keep in mind that all this should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt, unless we can update with an official word.

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