PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Stats Reveal Over 25000 Years Of Combined Game Time And More

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has proved to be very successful and holds the record for the most players non-Valve game on Steam.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been very popular among the PC community ever since it hit early access earlier this year. Since then, the game has proved to be very successful and holds the record for the most played non-Valve game on Steam.

Now, Bluehole Studio has revealed some interesting statistics about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. According to the stats, players have accrued a combined play time of over 25,000 years and 25,815 years of playtime ot be exact. Furthermore, the game saw a grand total of 965.83 million deaths.

Of these 965.83 million deaths, 703 million deaths happened by the means of guns, 147 million players were killed by vehicles, and 94.1 million players died because of grenades. Also, of all the players killed by the means of guns, 56.97 percent were killed by assault rifles and 0.51% of deaths happened by the means of the other weapons like a crowbar.

Also, the studio has confirmed that players will have much more customization options for their characters. Chang Han Kim, Bluehole’s executive producer mentioned that the developers are working on adding a lot more customization options to the game.

Also, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds creator has revealed the next game he wants to develop. According to Brendan Greene, he wants to develop a survival title after he is done with its current project. He added that he wants to create a game that he wants to play as he is a fan of survival games.

I’ve wanted to make a survival game. I mean, I love DayZ and I love DayZ standalone, but I have my own idea for a survival game, and I just want to make a game I want to play. It’s why I started with battle royale. I’m hoping my next is a game that other people will want to play as well. You know, because of the success for this one, no pressure for it to be a success or anything.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer survival game currently in early access for PC and will launch for consoles later.

Source: IGN

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