Playdead Teases New Third-Person Open World Game With Monochrome Artworks

Playdead, the indie developer behind Limbo and Inside, has been known to be working on a new project for at least a couple of years now.

Playdead, the indie developer behind masterpieces such as Limbo and Inside, has been known to be working on a new project for at least a couple of years now. That new game has just received some more details alongside more artworks.

According to recent job listings posted online, Playdead is working on a “third-person, open world, science fiction adventure built for multiple platforms on Unreal Engine and published by Epic Games Publishing.”

Limbo and Inside were both puzzle-solving side-scrollers in 2.5D which is a kind of pseudo-3D dimensional plane with the illusion of openness. Playdead shifting to a third-person perspective is new from the developer. The mention of an open world though should however not be taken literally. The unannounced game probably adds to the level of exploration and not be an actual open world with vast amounts of explorable regions.

Epic Games announced back in March 2020 to be partially funding Playdead for a mysterious new game. That game being published by Epic Games is hence unsurprising. Expecting a timed exclusive release on the Epic Games Store should be expected as well. Steam will have to wait for its turn for either six months or an entire year, with the more likelihood being the former.

Playdead working on a science fiction game is not new. The developer was actually discovered last year to have been posting job listings with concept art from its unannounced game. All artworks sneaked online so far contain sci-fi elements. The most recent concept artworks, as well as the old ones, can be seen below.

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