World of Warcraft Classic Vs World of Warcraft Graphics Comparison

There is still some time left for the World of Warcraft Classic demo to launch but it seems like some players are already playing it.

While there is still some time left in the launch of World of Warcraft Classic demo some players are already playing it. Blizzard Entertainment doesn’t open the demo for access till November 2nd yet users have found a way around it and are now playing it earlier.

No user got an official go-ahead from Blizzard to actually play the demo, even those were able to preload did were allowed access just yet.

Following video shows a graphical comparison of the upcoming demo with the 2005 WoW game. This is a clear sign that the demo has been somehow compromised.

The man behind this video spoke with Eurogamer about how he got to play the demo. As he suggested, the access gained was all thanks to an emulator sandbox. This emulator tricks World of Warcraft Classic servers while connecting to Blizzard. Instead, servers connect the demo with a PC program.

The user who uploaded the video on Youtube specializes in getting a hold of such demos. After this Youtuber gets his hands on the demo he made this graphics comparison.

Meanwhile, this access is not as extensive as the original World of Warcraft Classic demo. Since the connection to Blizzard servers is not legit, the quests and NPCs are not there. Players can only roam around without any level ups.

Moreover, there are obvious improvements in the upcoming demo compared to the 2005 video game. From user interface to upgraded graphics, World of Warcraft Classic has come a long way. Even titles like Destiny 2 have gained inspiration from the video games series.

Source: Eurogamer

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