How to Play PS4 on PC Using Remote Play Feature

Here's an unofficial method of how you can play PS4 on PC using the remote play feature of Sony's console using the Remote Play PC app.

With the PS4 update 3.50 users are now getting the ability to play PS4 on PC using the new Remotre Play feature. Since this is a relatively new feature, we will help you set things up and explain how you can use it.

There are a total of four operating system versions that are compatible with the new feature so you will have to make sure you have one of them i.e. Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later, OS X 10.10, and OS X 10.11.

That being said, you can choose the resolution between 360p, 540p, 720p while 540p is the default and you can play at Standard (30fps) and High (60fps) although the default frame rates are the Standard (30fps).

How to Play PS4 on PC with Remote Play

Since the official app for Remote Play is yet to be released and Sony has not confirmed when it will come out, here is another process you can follow to set up your PC using the Remote PC Play App. Follow these steps.

Step 1:
Download and install the Remote PC Play app from this link – hit OK if you get a “Windows protected your PC” message and proceed.

Step 2:
Now, open the downloaded app and enter the license key you must have been sent in your email in order to activate the app. The app will now close, you will have to reopen it.

Step 3:
Open your PS4 and follow this path: Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings > Add Device. In there you will see a code, write it down.

Step 4:
Go to the app and look for the PIN field. There, enter the account Online ID you are using with your PS4 (case-sensitive) and hit Register.

Step 5
You have to now connect your console with the PC. While keeping your console on, go to the PS4 head in the app and hit Connect. After this, choose the Search and Connect option so that the app can look for your PS4, or enter your console’s Public IP address into the field on top and hit Direct Connect.

Step 6
You have to manually configure the controller, mouse or keyboard with this app. you will have to select your controller type from Settings > Controller and then choose the button configurations. Close the window once you are done.

Step 7
While the aforementioned steps will allow you to play PS4 on PC, you can connect over the internet by porting forward your router. The process to port forward a router varies from model to model so you will have to look it up on the internet with the make and model. Go to router settings and open ports UDP 987, TCP 9295 and UDP 9296.

While keeping your PS4 on, put in the public IP address of your PS4 and hit Direct Connect.

Go ahead, play PS4 on PC right now!

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