Pixelmon Minecraft Mod Shutting Down After Six Years Due To C&D Order

The Pixelmon Minecraft mod is shutting down due to a cease and desist order from Nintendo and the Pokemon Company after six years of updating.

The Pixelmon Minecraft mod, a modification to Minecraft that allowed you to catch and train Pokemon, has finally been given the Cease and Desist order of death after six years. The mod will likely become unavailable for download soon, and even if you have it will likely become unplayable after updates.

Pixelmon was first developed in 2013 after some Minecraft players believed that Pokemon would be a good addition to the game. Pokemon in the game would include height and weight (so you could have a huge Raichu or a little tiny Squirtle), and could be trained and evolved by battling other NPC trainers or the Pokemon of people you’re playing with.

The Pixelmon Minecraft mod being shut down isn’t really that surprising; the Pokemon Company and Nintendo are very protective of their property, especially since it’s one of Nintendo’s most consistent smash hits. However, what IS surprising is that it took six years for Nintendo to take notice of the mod and ask for them to stop developing it.

This isn’t the first Pokemon mod or game that has gotten a cease and desist letter from Nintendo, either. There are a variety of Pokemon fan games and mods to existing games that have been asked to cease development or have been ordered to stop working on them, such as Pokemon Uranium, Pixelmon, and more.

If you play Minecraft on the PC and you have the Pixelmon Minecraft mod on your computer, you may not have much longer to be able to play it, as the mod is likely to become obsolete and unplayable as the PC version of Minecraft is updated more and more. However, you might as well try and enjoy the time you have left with the mod before it becomes unavailable.

In the meantime, you might as well try to search for other mods that will help to fill the void.

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