Phil Spencer Has No Idea Of What Next Xbox Console Could Be

Phil Spencer doesn't have any idea of what the next Xbox console could be, though he's adamant that people won't have to buy a new one every year.

If you were looking for any indication of what the next Xbox console will be, you’re out of luck if you were hoping Phil Spencer had any idea. The Xbox president has said that he has no idea of what the next console is going to be, and that Xbox has no real timeline of when anything will come out.

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Considering that the Xbox One only came out around three years ago, it’s still a bit early to start looking at the next generation of consoles, especially with the Xbox One Scorpio coming out next year. If Microsoft was planning to announce a new console, then why would they put out the Scorpio as an upgraded Xbox One?

Spencer has actually said that he has no intention of making Xbox One gamers buy a new console every year. Considering how expensive that would be, that would likely be even more unpopular than the initial Xbox One reveal. While the Xbox One Scorpio has made some people worried that it’s the herald of doing the “one console a year” thing, it’s definitely not the case.

Spencer has said that the Scorpio’s entire point is to cater to gamers that have 4K TVs and want to play in higher resolution, with higher framerates. Whatever the next Xbox console involves, it will likely incorporate what’s already going to be coming with the Xbox One Scorpio, especially if 4K TVs gain more and more prominence as the years go by.

The worries are somewhat justified, however. Gaming consoles are expensive, and even with the markdowns during the holidays the Xbox One still costs 250 dollars, which isn’t a small expense. The Xbox One Scorpio is bound to be even more expensive.

Thankfully we likely still have a few years left until Microsoft and Playstation decide that they need to move on to the next Xbox console and the next generation, more than enough time for everyone to get proper mileage out of all of their consoles.

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