Phantom Dust Will Be Free-To-Play, Pricing Detailed

Phantom Dust’s reveal at E3 last week during Microsoft’s press conference was hardly surprising to many, but was a sweet moment nonetheless. Since its debut trailer, Microsoft has been buying time to reveal all the necessary details for the game.

Rev3Games though would had none of it and was lucky enough to get a chance to sit down with some of the game’s developers in a 17-minute interview recently.

The interview reveals some behind-the-scenes goodies, including the changes being made to the game, the pricing model that will be implemented as well as various other details.

Phantom Dust will utilize a free-to-play model. Microsoft has learned much from its Killer Instinct’s release and will be applying all of that positive energy on making Phantom Dust’s F2P model successful.

The developers though were quick to point out that the game will not be pay-to-win, which probably means that the purchasing will be for cosmetics alone and other elements such as XP boosts or the like.

There is still much that we don’t know about the new Phantom Dust. Microsoft may be waiting for Gamescom in August to drop down the important details or perhaps we’ll get them sooner next month. In the mean time you can watch the entire interview above.

Via Hardcore Gamer

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