New Persona 5 Screenshots Show Off Battles, Character Costumes

A number of new Persona 5 screenshots have shown off how the battles and Phantom Thief costumes look for your character and the friends you'll make.

One part of any master thief’s equipment is a snazzy outfit, and some newly released Persona 5 screenshots have shown us that Atlus has definitely gotten that part figured out. Most of the artwork features the game’s multiple characters all in their “Phantom Thief” outfits, but there are a number of other pictures that show off how the game’s battles look.

We’ve seen some other parts of the game before, such as the game’s result screen, but now we’re getting to see more and more as Persona 5’s release (at least in Japan) gets closer and closer.

In addition to the new Persona 5 screenshots and character artwork, the Persona 5 website has also put out a new blurb of information about how you and your friends will interact with one another throughout the story.

If it’s anything like the other Persona games, each of your friends will embody one of the various Tarot cards (the Fool, the Moon, the Sun, etc). Befriending them and interacting with them through social links will get you new Personas depending on the rank of the social link.

Your social link with them also will allow them new abilities, both by evolving their personas and doing things like healing you of status ailments or taking hits for you in battle.

The blurb also got into detail about how you can make the best use of your time, whether by studying for classes (you are a high school student, after all) or hanging out with your friends. You can even read and study some more on the train to school, if you’re lucky enough to get a seat.

We’ll get to see all of the Persona 5 screenshots in reality when the game releases in Japan on September 15, and on February 14 in North America. European fans will also have a release date at some point with the game published by Deep Silver, but there’s no concrete date for that yet.

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