People Are Excited to Kill Republican White Men in Far Cry 5

Ubisoft has been teasing the upcoming Far Cry 5 for over a week and which will end with the reveal of the game tomorrow. However, one particular teaser for the game is its poster which showcases a group of white people with an American flag and are most probably the bad guys.

Far Cry series’ posters are no strangers to controversies as Ubisoft had to face one with the Far Cr y 4. Now, it seems that we might be seeing Ubisoft to face another one for the upcoming Far Cry game poster as many people of relating the characters on the posters as Republicans and can’t wait to kill them.

Since the debut of the Far Cry 5 poster, some people have become eager to kill Republicans in the upcoming video game as many are presuming that these white characters are Trump supporters. Let’s start with Bob Chipman, who is very excited to kill some Republicans and thinks that this is what the poster is trying to convey.

However, this does not end here as Brian Altano, host/producer for IGN, posted a photoshopped poster of Far Cry 5 in which the faces have been replaced with American president Donal Trump and his companions. However, he might be just having some fun.

And these are just a couple of examples as many Twitter users have shared their excitement about killing Republicans in the upcoming Far Cry game.

In related news, PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements for the upcoming game have been confirmed which also includes checkerboard 4K graphics. The resolution might remain the same as the base PS4 but we might get 60 FPS on the upgraded console.

Far Cry 5 is an open-world first-person shooter in development at Ubisoft and will launch for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Heatst

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