How To Open The Vault Safe In Payday 3 Rock The Cradle

During the Rock the Cradle mission, you can find and open a safe vault in Payday 3 with some good rewards.

Rock the Cradle is one of the Stealth Mission in Payday 3, in which you can find and open the Vault Safe for cash. To unlock this vault safe, you must look for its pin code inside the club. But before getting into that, you must know where to find this locked vault inside the Payday 3 Neon Cradle Club.

Payday 3 Vault Safe location in Rock the Cradle

You can access the vault after securing the crypto wallet. You can do it first, but getting the Crypto Wallet is the main objective, so you should do it first. After doing so, make your way to the VIP area by taking the stairs down.

Now, you must look for the Black Knight room in Payday 3. You can find it by taking a right from the VIP area in the basement.

Go to the right inside the Black Knight room and then take the stairs to go down again. Head down the hallway till you see the Maintenance room where the vault safe is located.

How to unlock Vault Safe in Rock the Cradle

To unlock the vault safe in the Rock the Cradle mission, you need to find two codes, one of which will work on the vault safe in Payday 3. Both codes are in the Accounting Office of the club. This is right close to the Fuxe Box you interacted with earlier.

The first code is in a safe on the wall. This safe can be unlocked by playing a mini-game, revealing the vault safe code. You can find the second code by exploring around the room. Most probably, you will find the code on the chair.

Now that you have both codes, you can return to the vault safe in Payday 3 Rock the Cradle and try both. One of the codes will work, and the vault safe will be unlocked. Collect all the loot found here and then exit the club to complete the Rock the Cradle mission.

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