Payday 3 Nebula Data Error, Fix Failed To Fetch Config Data

Even though the Payday 3 Nebula Data Error is a server-side error, there are some fixes that you can try.

With the launch of Payday 3, loads of players worldwide are swarming in to enjoy the shooting and looting. Many players have reported the Payday 3 “Nebula Data Error: Failed to fetch Game Config Data” upon startup, preventing them from playing the game.

Unfortunately, many players overload the Nebula servers used to unify the players’ base across all three platforms. Let’s look into if you can fix this error in Payday 3.

Can you fix the Payday 3 Nebula Data Error?

This error is mainly because of the server overload. Since the problem is from the developer’s side, there is not much that you can do to solve this error from the player’s side. It is better to sit and wait for Starbreeze Studios to announce a solution. However, you can try a few fixes to resolve the Fail to fetch game config data error in Payday 3.

Possible solutions to fix the Nebula Data Error

The first thing you must ensure while launching the game is to check your internet connection. It should be fast and above par for the game to launch smoothly. You can apply the following fixes to solve the Nebula Data Error, Failed to Fetch Game Config Data in Payday 3.

A potential fix to the Nebula Data Error is to unlink your Steam account from the game. You can do this by logging out of your Nebula account and signing in to your account using Steam or any other platform.

Enter your details on the login page, and then click the Sign In button, which should hopefully fix the error. Relaunch the game to verify.

Firewall Exclusion

The Windows firewall on your PC might disrupt the game’s sign-in process and cause a Failed To Fetch Game Config Data error. To fix that, go to your Windows Settings and choose the Update & Security option, which is the last one. Now choose Windows Security from the menu present on the left side.

Click the Virus & Threat Protection option from the Protection Areas menu. A new window will pop up, and under the Virus & Threat Protection Settings tab, you will see the Manage Settings options. Now look for Exclusions and then add the Payday 3 folder to it by clicking the Add or Remove Exclusions option.

This will let the game bypass the Windows Firewall, and you can relaunch the game to check if the fix has worked.

Network Drivers Reset

Another solution you can apply for the Nebula Data Error is to reset your network. This ensures your connection is reliable and fast. To do this, open your Windows Search bar and look for Network Reset in System Settings. This will open a Settings pop-up and display the “Reset Now” option.

Click on Reset Now and then the Yes option to reset the network and restart your PC. Once the restart is complete, launch the game to check if the Payday 3 Nebula Data error has been fixed.

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