Payday 3 Infamous Rewards: How To Get Rewards From Payday 2

If you have been playing Payday 2 for a long time, Payday 3 offers several Infamous Rewards that you will receive for your efforts in Payday 2.

Starbreeze has recently introduced a loyalty program named Infamous Rewards in Payday 3. These are for die-hard fans who have played the series for a long time. The benefit of this would be that all of your game currency and in-game purchases will be transferred via the Nebula Account to Payday 3.

How to get Payday 2 Infamous Rewards in Payday 3

To unlock Infamous Rewards, you need to have already played Payday 2 and have some progress in it. To do so, you first need to follow the simple steps:

  • Log in to the “Nebula Account” you used in Payday 2 and make sure the progress is all saved in that account.
  • Head to the “linked account” section and ensure the “Steam/Epic” account is showing up on the linked account.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to get your account linked if it is not linked already.
  • Upon doing so, head to the main screen of the Nebula Account. You will get a prompt saying, “Infamous Rewards claimed.”
  • You will get the Infamous Rewards by doing everything mentioned above.

All Infamous Rewards in Payday 3

Payday 2 Veteran“Own Payday 2 on either Steam or Epic Store”OG American Dream Mask
Becoming Infamous“Reach the 25th rank of Infamy.”Old Faithful Weapon Preset
Becoming Monstrous“Complete all contracts on the Very Hard difficulty or above.”Echelon Suit
Shit Just Got Real“Complete all contracts on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.”Very Hard Skull Weapon Charm
Completely Overkill!“Complete all contracts on the Mayhem difficulty or above.”Overkill Skull Weapon Charm
Master of Mayhem“Complete all contracts on the Death Wish difficulty or above.”Mayhem Skull Weapon Charm
Overkill Salutes You!“Complete all contracts on the Death Sentence difficulty.”Death Wish Skull Weapon Charm
A Heister of Legend  “Complete all contracts on the Death Sentence difficulty with the One Down mechanic activated.”Death Sentence Skull Weapon Charm
One More Down, No More to Go“Complete a certain feat in Payday 2.”One Down Skull Weapon Charm
The End  “Complete a certain feat in Payday 2”Fluer-de-Lis Gloves

Infamous Rewards not syncing in Payday 3 solution

There is also a bug some players are experiencing about the Infamous Rewards not getting transferred or synched. The first thing you need to do is ensure that the reward milestone is already achieved.

You can then restart your console as well as the Payday 3. Doing so will hard reset any cache, preventing you from getting the rewards synched to the account.

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