Payday 2 Best Technician Build

Let's make Payday 2 Technician great again.

The Technician in Payday 2 is a master of gadgets and uses them along with some killer skills to support the crew and complete tasks faster. The Technician skill tree has access to several deployable, such as Trip Mines, which can greatly reduce the duration of a heist. They also possess skills that improve the speed and reliability of the drill.

The build we are preparing works for both loud approaches and heists, where stealth and silent drilling are the primary objectives. You will be the basic support structure of your team when it comes to having the skills to perform the technical side of heists. You will focus on obtaining all drill perks and getting a saw and C4 to make the build a bit tanky. Since we are not going to focus on damage output, we need to make sure that we have decent survivability and that we aren’t a burden to our Masterminds or other people.

With all that said, let’s head to making one of the best technician builds in Payday 2, effective in all its might in 2024.


While Payday 3 is already out, a lot of people still play Payday 2 so we wanted to update this guide with latest information so that you can build a great Technician for your heists.

Best Skills

Technician and Enforcer are the two Payday 2 skill trees on which we will be spending the bulk of our points. You will be amazed at the amount of damage you can take after investing your skill points in these skill trees.


First, we will ace both our Demolition Man and Combat Engineer skills in the skill tree. The Demolition Man gives us an extra trip mine and then a 20% decrease in Trip Mine deployment. The Combat Engineer gives us the ability to turn off and on our Trip Mines and also provides a Sensor Mode for these mines. The other skills for our build to buy as a basic or aced state are as follows:

  • Hardware Expert (Ace): Gives a 25% increase in drill interaction speed, a 20% decrease in Trip Mine deployment, a 50% increase in sentry gun deployment, and a 30% chance for the drill to auto-restart.
  • Nerves of Steel (Basic): 50% decreased damage while interacting with things.
  • Sharpshooter (Basic): A must-have skill for any build, giving a 50% decrease in single-shot weapon spread.
  • Rifleman (Basic): This one gives us a 2x Assault Rifle steel sight speed.
  • Drill Sergeant (Ace): Your drilling efficiency is increased by 15%.
  • Silent Drilling (Ace): When the skill is aced, your drill makes zero noise, so Civilians and Guards won’t detect it unless they see the drill with their own eyes.
  • Shaped Charge (Ace): We can convert our Trip Mines into C4 and get an increase of 3 Trip Mines in the inventory.
  • Bulletproof (ace): The basic gives us a 50% increase in armor and the aced out provides a 25% increase in armor recovery speed.


After unlocking the Enforcer, the first thing you should do is ace out Transporter to get help in moving heavier bags. It is one of the essential skills that almost every build needs in Payday 2. The other skills you should spend points on are:

  • Bullet Storm (Basic): Only one point spent, just to even out the rate at which we climb the skill tier, so there are no points wasted.
  • Shotgun CQB (Ace): The basic sill increases your Shotgun reload speed by 50%, while its aced version increases the steel sight speed of any Shotgun by 125%.
  • Underdog (Ace): You get a 15% increase in damage for 7 seconds when three or more enemies have surrounded you. When the skill is aced, you get 15% decreased damage from enemies, which once again reinforces the tankiness of this build.
  • Stun Resistance (Ace): The basic version reduces the visual impact duration of flashbangs by 25%, while the aced out skill further reduces the effect to 50%.
  • Pumping Iron (Basic): Gives a 100% increase to melee damage.
  • Tough Guy (Basic): Gives a 50% decrease in camera shake effect when you’re damaged.
  • Ammunition Specialist (Basic): You can place 2 ammo bags now.
  • Berserker (Ace): The lower your health, the more damage you deal to enemies. When aced, and your health is below 25%, your ranged weapons do 100% more damage.
  • Iron Man (Basic): Allows you to wear the Improved Combined Tactical Vest.
  • Portable Saw (Basic): Just to unlock the OVE9000 Saw.


Things are pretty straightforward for the Ghost skill tree. Our main goal is to unlock the following:

  • Sprinter (Ace): Helps you run faster with heavy armor.
  • High-Value Target (Ace): Basic skill increases the damage you deal to your marked enemies by 15%. The aced skill does the same, only the damage is increased to 50%.


The last 11 skill points will be spent on the Mastermind.

  • Combat Medic (Ace): You are trying to be there for everyone in the team, and this aced skill helps you do so by giving them 30% more health when you revive them.
  • Leadership (Ace): Provides 50% reduced recoil for all weapons used by you and other team members. 
  • Endurance (Basic): To increase your stamina by 100%.
  • Cable Guy (Basic): Allows you to cable tie hostages 75% faster.

And that’s where our pool of skill points ends. The good thing is that our Technician now has many things to offer to his teammates. We have Combat Medic aced out for health, Ammunition Specialist for two ammo bags, and all the drill skills. We also have the saw and C4, and we are a tank, so we don’t have to worry about our lobby being busy reviving us all the time.

Best Gear

The first thing you will do is spend one skill point in the Technician skill tree to unlock Trip Mines, our primary deployables. Your secondary deployable will be the Doctor Bag to help you and your mates fully replenish your health and custody counter in times of need.

As far as armor is concerned, we are going with the Suit. Coupled with the Anarchist Perk Deck, this armor piece can easily soak damage as well as provide mobility to carry out heists.

Our melee choice goes with the Buzzer. Although it has little damage output potential, its ability to incapacitate enemies is what makes it truly extraordinary. Finally, we can choose either a Throwing Knife or Concussion Grenade to fill that Throwables gap in our Payday 2 Technician Build.

Best Weapons

Our primary weapon of choice is the OVE9000 Saw (with Fast Motor mod). It will help in dealing with crowds and general enemies you face in the heist. The secondary weapon, Bronco will be used to achieve higher concealment levels and to kill special foes such as the Bulldozer.

How do you play the Technician Build in Payday 2?

Use the OVE9000 Saw to cut through enemy hordes and destroy safety deposit boxes. If you have the Fast Motor/ Sharp Blade mod on, you can easily one-tap safety deposit boxes with your Saw. Otherwise, acing out Berserker will be enough to do so.

While facing a high-level beast like the Bulldozer, use Bronco to take a few shots.


If you want to place drills on bulldozers, you can use the Make Technician Great Again mod in Payday 2 to do so. It kills the beast shortly, though you may face its anger for a few seconds before it dies.

The Suit works wonders with the Anarchist perk deck, allowing you to take around 4-5 shots while standing in the open before getting to the cover. While you are out in the open like that, try to cover your team from behind your back and remove as many enemies as possible during that time.

Set your Trip Mines to Sensor Mode during the heist after placing them at the spawning places of your enemies. This complements the tier 3 skill, high-value target. So, as long as you are far enough from your marked enemies, they will receive up to 50% extra damage. This can be incredibly helpful when helping your friends with incomplete builds in Payday 2.

If you find yourself or your team in low health or Police custody, the Doctor Bag will come into play and make your life easier.

Concussion Grenades prove useful when you need to stun enemies and take a breath of relief. When you are overwhelmed by surrounding enemies, use that handy Buzzer and stun them.

This is how you primarily build and play Technician in Payday 2; however, I will suggest that you do a bit of experimenting of your own to tweak this build to match your playstyle perfectly. While most of the build will remain the same, minor tweaks are inevitable. Happy Heisting.

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