Payday 2 Bank Heist Walkthrough Guide – Pro, Stealth and Overkill

How to go about bank heist in Payday 2? We have the walkthrough for Pro, Stealth and Overkill approaches.

Bank robberies are fun, as long as you’re doing them in games. But if you’re doing them in Pay Day 2, they can be a little more than just fun. In fact, you’ll have to completely recalibrate the way you think and perceive things.

Payday 2 Bank Heist Walkthrough

Bank heists are much tougher in Pay Day 2 than Jewelry heists. That’s because you have more security in banks, be it guards, security cameras, or smartass civilians that can call the cops in no time. For this reason, Stealth runs in the Bank are much tougher.

I suggest you do the Bank Heist with friends, not just because it makes it easier, but also because it makes it so much easier. We’ll look at Stealth Runs, Speed Runs, and crazy Assault Runs in this guide. But before we can really do anything, let’s have a look at the environment of the bank first.

The Bank Heist Overview

I said earlier that you have to think like a criminal to rob this virtual bank. That’s why you need to survey and understand the environment, so you can pre-plan and also take evasive maneuvers if things get out of control.

The environment changes subtly every time you spawn. The first and most important thing to know is that the bank vault location also changes. One position is located next to the US flag, whereas another is located in an open-ish region behind the copier room with a camera.

The latter is super-difficult if you are planning to do a stealth run. If it’s near the flag, then you’ll have a hard time drilling since customers and bank personnel are likely to hear it, which makes it very difficult to do alone.

Next, take a look at the parking lot. There is a door there which can sometimes have a camera near it. At times a random civilian will also be there, so be careful. There might also be a back door there with our without a camera, which leads to the bank staircase. Both of these doors might either be open or closed.

There is also a roof door, which will always be open. If the other doors are closed, this will be the only path through which the manager of the bank and the guards can walk through.

Now, another very essential part of the interior of the bank is the security office. This will have a guard watching the cameras. It can either be located near the staircase or behind the Tellers.

The Tellers is obviously not a good location, and it’s likely to have a security camera next to it too.

Overall, there will be three guards roaming in or around the bank, and one guard looking at the cameras in the security office. As long as the camera dude is undisturbed, the cameras will keep functioning.

The last important thing you need to be aware of is the Manager’s Keys. These will be either on him or on his desk in his office. If they are on him, he will drop them if you cable-tie him. If you get lucky, an optional safe may appear in his office, which can have a Gold bar in it, worth 10k.

Now that you know where to look for what, and have an idea of the setup, it’s time to plan out and execute the heist.

Speed and Assault Run

I hate to break this to you, but Speed and Assault runs in bank are eventually going to end up turning out to be the same things. This is because it’s almost impossible to do the Speed Run without encountering guards, which will eventually make it an all-out assault run. Note that an aggressive run like this won’t earn you much monies.

So, in order to start this type of run, you should have at least a couple more friends playing with you, as you will need them to guard certain key positions. You should start the drill on the vault, and start up with planking the windows.

Position one fellow near the front desk to guard the main entrance, while another is behind the Teller’s office if possible. If you have additional teammates, have one guard the copier office, while the rest work on the vault and drill.

If a helicopter manages to land on the roof, have two people go and secure the staircase. If they don’t, there’s every likelihood that the police team will throw tear-gas into the copier room. Once you do manage to open the vault, have one person stay outside and be on the lookout, while the others loot. Stay safe, and wait for the assault to end, and then walk coolly out to the van.

Stealth Run

Stealth runs in the bank are much more difficult as compared to the ones in the Jewelry store. You will need to make two of the four guards surrender. Once you have scouted the entire area, identify the door which the manager is using to get out.

Cable tie him (even if he doesn’t have the keys to the vault), and then look around for a guard that might be walking out. Make sure no civilian sees you when you are cable-tying the manager or the guard!

If you don’t find any guard outside, you’ll have to make two of them surrender when you go for the vault inside. If a camera has spawned near one of the parking lot doors, you can take it out to lure a guard outside, and then make him surrender. If he’s trying to compromise your stealth, shoot him.

If the bank manager had the keys on him, skip this paragraph and read on ahead. However, if he didn’t, then you’ll need to make it to the manager’s office. Go through the staircase, and make sure you are crouching at all times, and do not stop or you will get caught!

Once inside, check around to find the key card. If you are super-lucky, you’ll also find the safe there. However, do NOT drill the safe, or you’ll be caught!

Now that you have the key card, it’s time to tackle the guard looking at the cameras. If you haven’t managed to make two guards surrender yet, then this is your last chance. Open the office with the manager’s key card, and attempt to make him surrender.

If he doesn’t comply, then you should take lethal action.

Now, you should have around one more guard left. It’s best to wait for him near the manager’s office. Once he comes around, make sure you take him out, and get his pager too!

Cable tie the civilians in the office, and go search for the vault. If it is in the copier office, then you can just drill and no one will here. However, if it’s near the flag and teller’s office, you’ll need to take out the Tellers first since they can hit the alarm.

Cable tie anyone remaining, and then start doing what you do best. Enjoy the cash!

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