Payday 2 Jewelry Store Heist Walkthrough Guide – Pro, Stealth and Overkill

How to complete Jewelry Store Heist in Payday 2 with Pro, Stealth and Overkill run.

Payday 2
So, you’re looking to earn some quick virtual cash for yourself and (maybe) your friends. A Bank would really be the ideal place to loot, but if you’re not prepared for tackling some pretty tight security, the Jewelry Shop might be the right choice.

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PayDay 2 Jewelry Store Heist Walkthrough

Similar to the Bank Heist, you can actually rob the Jewelry shop in three ways.

The quickest way is obviously the Speed Run, but it really doesn’t give you as much cash. If you’re seriously looking to pack a bag of dozens of gems, then consider Stealth runs. If things go down the drain, then it’s time to Assault and get the hell outta there.

We’ll be covering each of these runs in this guide. But first, let’s have a look at what the Jewelry Heist setup is actually like.

Jewelry Store Heist Overview

Studying the environment and planning out is homework for a robber. If he/she doesn’t do it, chances are a big practical flunk in the form of jail is waiting for him/her. For this reason, it’s important to understand the environment and plan out your heist accordingly.

There are subtle randomization in the environment every time you spawn, and some of them can become huge obstacles for you.

The biggest point of interest is the Hot Dog stand, located across the street to the right intersection. If you’re doing a solo run, then this thing can become bad news for you. Try restarting if it did spawn.

To the left of the store is an alley. This alley can at times have a fence. If it doesn’t, then good for you. If it does, you can consider a restart, but I’d suggest to just prepare yourself for some clever maneuvers instead.

To the right of the store is another alley. See where the large steel crate is located. It tends to have multiple spawn locations. If it’s blocking certain windows, you’ll need to locate other entrance methods into the store.

Check the exposed windows here. You might see a safe through one of them. Keep this place in mind as this is bonus cash (but totally optional).

The other room in the left alley will probably have a guard and occasionally visiting civilians. What’s important about this room is that there’s plenty of bling-bling located behind the glass to take with you. Apparently, breaking the glass doesn’t really get anyone’s attention.

Another important thing to remember about the alleys is that a guard will also spawn in them. Be ready to take them out in whatever fashion you think is best.

Next, check out the store itself. At times a guard can spawn in the front part of the store. This is more likely to be observed in higher difficulties.

Now that we know the environment, let’s see if you can successfully execute the heist.

Speed Run

The Speed Run is about being as quick as possible in whatever you do. This is a pretty efficient way of executing the heist, but it won’t earn you as much cash as the others would. It’ll require normal difficulty on the heist.

Basically, you have to put on your mask, grab a bag of jewels (if you’re playing multiplayer, then grab a bag for each person), and then exit as fast as you can. Note that it takes more than 12 seconds for the civilians to call the police. With a Speed Run, you’ll probably be standing next to your van by the time they call up.

Success? Yes, definitely. Lots of it? Not quite.

Stealth Run

If you’re looking of lots of success, then consider the Stealth Run. The Stealth Run for the jewelry shop is considerably easier than that for the Bank. I suggest you try to attempt the Stealth Run when you are playing co-op; it’ll be very difficult otherwise.

The Hot Dog stand is a huge success determining factor, especially if you play solo. For a lone heist, I suggest restarting if the stand has spawned. If you have a team, have one of your partners stand there to take out the cops.

Basically, your pal has to kill the cops once you enter the store lobby.

Check out the alley and store front guards, and also determine where the steel crate is placed. Make sure you neutralize the guards in the alleys. Try to get them to surrender. Kill them if they really bug you.

Make sure to answer the pagers.

It’s time now to enter the back of the store. It’s best to use the windows in the left alley, since it has civilians, and you can prevent them from escaping. Just make sure that no one hears you when you break the window (try breaking the one located furthest from the lobby).

If there was a guard at the front, wait for him to circle to the back rooms, and take him out.

When you are about to make it to the lobby, have your Hot Dog patrolling friend put on a mask and take out the cops there. Then, make sure he guards the entrance and prevents civilians from entering.

Shoot a civilian if it’s necessary to get them in control. Inside the store, cable tie anyone you can, control the civilians, and gather the bags. Make sure none of the civilians get up by shouting and threatening them.

Take the bags to the van and enjoy!

Assault Run

If you messed up in the Speed or Stealth run, or simply want to do things the mean way, you’ll have to look for this approach. Basically, take all the bags and throw them in the right alley behind the crate.

You’ll then have to defend the bags and yourself against some cops till the van appears. Keep calm and keep shooting. Remember, cops can retain the bags, so you must have them in a place where they can be protected.

Good luck!

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